Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 3:

P day again, yeah baby.  This week was good, pretty much in the swing of things here now.  I just learn Russian and teach lessons all day erry day, and my broken Russian is getting better.  I like teaching because that's the only thing I know how to talk about in Russian, so that is when I get to speak the most.  Our district is doing good, and our teachers are still pretty nice, I like them a lot.  We sent of a batch of Russians to the motherland two days ago, a small piece of me died that day.  My comp and I got to be pretty good friends with 2 Elders, Krieger and Garfield.  They were crazy funny and shared all their secrets about this place with us.  When they left they gave us a lot of their stuff.  I got a grandma-knitted beanie, a saint Patrick's day tie, some pop tarts, and a sweet nerf kinda gun that shoots a little suction cup thing.  When we play volleyball in gym we scream Krieger when we spike, not really sure why, probably to keep his memory alive and fight the pain of their abandonment.  But they were super excited to get out of here and get to work, and I'm starting to really look forward to that too.  One of our teachers keeps telling us about this village in Ukraine he got to be in for a while and every time he does I just want to go there.  They mostly just did service for people there, they hardly ever wore the whole tie shirt slacks thing, they wore basketball shorts and helped people farm.  They showered under a bucket and stuff, lived in a shack.  I want an area like that so bad, I probably won't get one in Moscow though.  Eastern Europeans seem really interesting, they just live totally different lives than us, and they look at hardship in a totally different way than we do.  Another one of our teachers the other day realized that 5 years ago exactly he had left the MTC, and then he said that day began the weirdest week of his life.  The days are starting to blend together, sometimes at night I start talking about something that I thought happened two days ago but it turns out it happened that morning.  Thanks for the mail everybody, and for the packages mom and grandma.  My friends really liked the baked goods, but just so you know  I am good on food for the rest of my stay here, honestly most of my closet is devoted to food storage.  I've come to appreciate suits because their abundance of pockets allows me to bring snacks to class and devotional.  I'm always packin on Tuesdays and Sundays.  I really liked your letter Will, especially the last part, неловка (awkward, probably spelled it wrong).   I am having a really good time here though, I do nothing but work all day and eat, with the exception of my 50 precious minutes of gym, but at the end of the day I go to bed happy, can't ask for much more.  I don't miss tv, facebook, the internet, or anything like that, lifes just way easier without it.  I like it here, but at the same time I need to get out of here, pumped to go to Russia and do work.  I think about all you guys all the time, hope everything is going well, keep me in the loop.  покой 

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