Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 5:

Hey there,
Week 5 is now at an end.  Had a good week, went super fast.  Still doing all the same stuff, Russian, sleep, teach lessons, eat.  The newest development of this week is our signing of a new constitution, our rules for гся (speak your language).  So we have set apart days of the week that are full Russian all day except for when a teacher is in the classroom with us.  Violation of this rule on a syl day, that is one word of English, results in мука (torture).  If the elders speak english they must eat what sister Anderson eats for three consecutive meals.  Sister Anderson doesn't eat gluten, dairy products, or anything that tastes good.  Like some times I look at her food and I'm like wow, that looks exactly like what a person would feed a hamster or other small rodent.  What happens to the sisters though is way funnier, if they speak English they have to put their hair in pigtails the next day, and I'm not talking like the nice braided kind that are subtle.  They will form an obtuse angle out of the back of their heads.  They got through the first one ok, but they have to slip sometime, and then they are going to look ridiculous.  Anyway, гся is super fun, and if it's not an syl day and we speak a full sentence in english with no Russian at all and get caught 5 times, we get мука.  They are beginning to refer to me as the Russian police, and yeah, I am.  Pretty much we still can't say anything, so we have to mime and write things down.  During the devotional a sister started talking to me in english and I had to communicate through writing things on my notepad for her.  Awk.  Thanks for the letters Gma, Mom, and Becca.  Becca, you now have a very important job to do, and you know what it is.  Our little boy needs some pushing.  It's probably good I'm not there to ruin it.  This week also got me really excited for Russia, can't wait to get there.  We had a sub who brought in all his journals from his mission and asked us to pick any days between '10 and '12 and he would read what he wrote that day.  We had him read the second to last day of his mission and it sounded like the darkest time of his life.  He did not want to go home, he loved the people and the work so much it killed him to leave.  He had a hard time reading it, I hope I can love my mission as much as he did.  It's really pretty sweet what we get to do over there, our job every day is just to help people in the best ways we know how, and I get to do that for 2 years.  I realized the other day that I will not be getting one break for 2 years, no vacations, no slack off time, just half a day a week to do my laundry, go to the store, and write some letters; and I'm not even mad.  Super pumped on life right now.  Oh, Elder Scott spoke in devotional last night, pretty sweet.  Yeah, hope all you people are doing good, fill me in on your lives, love to hear about how you are all doing via mail.  Love you all, I'll catch you later.  много любвы 
-старейшина Holland
Russian word of the week : батончик (batoncheek)- Sounds French, it means candybar but it is what you would call a little fat kid. 

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