Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 6:

Hey guys,
Another week in the MTC, really running out of things to talk about, I know you guys want me to tell you stuff but it's really not going to be super exciting till I get to Russia. This week was a really good week though, had a lot of fun.  It turns out our syl constitution was not quite as resolute and strong as the one created by our founding fathers.  Nobody listens to the rules, some people at least try to speak Russian all day, but nobody actually goes for the punishments, my comp ate one rabbit food breakfast, he almost threw up.  Anyway, I have unlocked the rage of the sisters a couple of times this week.  Some of them have got some spunk, like I have been afraid for my life on a couple occasions.  They will come in speaking English and I'll be like, hey, you are speaking English, and then they tag team yell at me for a while and I get scared and go to my happy place. So then we had one on one meetings with one of our favorite teachers who got reassigned to spend some time with another district of which we were pretty upset about.  So he was talking to me and after we got done just talking about life, he was like, is there anything I can do to help teach better.  I told him that it would help a lot if he came in and told our district that the other district is smoking us on the language, truth be told we kind of resent the other district for taking him from us and we get pretty competitive with them.  So if he tells us they are winning it's gonna light a fire under our butts, he says he'll do it the next chance he gets.  We've had it too good for too long, time for someone to take us down a notch.  Yesterday was glorious.  They opened up the field and it was sunny and beautiful and I played soccer and it was the best 50 minutes of my life.  Ok that is a little bit excessive but it was super nice, I missed the sun.  When we go outside from all day being in class and the sun is out, I feel like one of those donkeys that got brought out of a coal mine and I need like ten days for my eyes to adjust. Thanks for the letters errybody, Mom, Rachael, GMA, and Will.  You guys are great.  Will, don't go changing, and I'm glad to hear that you and everyone else weren't hurt by the bombs. Couldn't believe it when I heard what happened, these things just don't stop. It's always good to hear from you guys though, and it probably won't be as easy to send me letters while I'm in Russia, so if you want to say something in a cheap and easy fashion speak in the next 2 weeks or forever hold your peace, you can email or dearelder.  dearelder is probly better, and its free while I'm in Putah.  You guys can still send letters and emails while I'm in Russia, postage is ridiculous though, I wouldn't pay a dollar fifty to talk to me.  Still your call.  Anyway things are winding down in the MTC, the end is in sight, only about two and a half more weeks and I'll be in the MotherLand.  While we are here it doesn't feel like we are going to actually be leaving, it's just some abstract concept that we can't wrap our minds around.  But it is going to get very real very fast when the time comes.  We got haircuts today, haircuts at the MTC are free, you get what you pay for.  Mine turned out respectable at least but Elder Doxey looks like the White Fresh Prince of Belair.  He has like a flat top and shaved sides it's awesome.  Anyway things are good, keep sending letters, will be in Russia soon, later. 
Russian words of the week:  
ух ты: (ooh (you have to say the h) tee (the ee is kinda like an oy almost))- Means like wow look at you
единорог: (edeenorog)- unicorn

a customized pencil box I created for my chair out of a used kleenex box and masking tape, nothing short of genius
my attempt at escape while at the temple

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