Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 10:

Hey guys,
I wanted to say sorry if last weeks letter was super depressing.  I wasn't myself, I was really hungry last week because we didn't really have food, and any of you who know me know that one of the only times that I am sad in this world is when I am hungry.  I'm not gonna lie, things aren't all peaches and cream out here, but they are getting better.  My district is really funny, we have only one native Russian and it's a sister.  We have one tall white kid who was in a rap group before the mission, but he doesn't seem like all thug or anything.  Anyway they are nice.  We did a lot of stuff this week, and it all seemed still pretty weird.  Last week I forgot to tell you, we had our first "lesson"  with a taxi driver we met who didn't speak very good Russian, so we met up with him to talk about the Church but he thought we called him because we wanted a cab, took us about 15 minutes to find out what each party thought was happening.  Heh.  Anyway so that was one thing that was pretty demoralizing last week.  This week we had a lesson with a guy from the area book and we were like, so what do you know about our church, and he said a bunch of stuff and we were like, dang you know a lot.  And he was like yeah I read the Book of Mormon twice.  Then we were like oh, alright.  Then at the end elder beals extended a baptismal commitment, and he was like, no I've already been baptized.  And we were like no into our church.  And he was like, yeah, I was already baptized into your church.  We got confused, apparently he was baptized in America when he was young or something, I dunno, but we aren't quites certain if that's true.  So that was weird.  Had a really sweet lesson with Slova last week, he's a super good kid, just trying to figure out life, I can relate.  Unfortunately he doesn't live in our area so we won't be meeting with him anymore, he's getting passed on to some other elders.  Yeah so that's a bummer.  The ward here is sweet, all really cool people, all happy to help with the missionary work. Russian kids are freaking adorable.  Somehow the language goes from cute and loveable to terrifying in the teenage years. One girl RM Natasha came for a lesson and the guy didn't show, and so she was like, can I go contacting with you? And we were like um YES.  She is a boss, she went around talking to every person in existence, and one guy stopped and talked to us for a while, he was agnostic, and at the end she was like hey, you should try praying, right here right now.  And he was like alright why not.  So we taught him how and he said a really simple prayer and it was sweet.  He called us like a half hour later and was like hey I'm gonna be out of town, but I want to meet you guys on August 6th at 2 o clock where we just met. So we were like, cool we'll be there.  Anyway, we get stood up a lot, people always say they want to meet with us then don't.  My fear of rejection is being destroyed by the means of rejection.  I think it is like getting over a fear of heights by falling off a series of small to medium cliffs.  In Russian it sounds funny though because when people get angry at you they sound like bad guys from movies.  Most the time I just laugh now.  People just don't get why we are here though, and in the beginning it was starting to make me doubt a little bit too.  But what we do is important, still not seeing the affects of it quite yet, but I still believe that it's important.  I talked to a guy in the park who had a little kid for like an hour and a half the other day, he was a cool guy and it was fun talking to him about what he believed and what we believed, but at the end he didn't want to meet with us again.  When something like that happens all we can do is hope that something good will come out of the time we spent, that maybe something we did or said will benefit them.  Dunno, still just trying to stay positive.  This is hard.  Oh we went to a hospital and gave an old lady a blessing and we were in a room with like 5 other ladies and she was like, hey who else wants one, and some other old lady said she wanted one.  So we gave here one and then after I didn't really catch everything she said but I'm pretty sure she was trying to bless us, and we were just kind of like, lady this isn't usually how this goes down. It was funny.  Also Russian hospitals are super sketch, like I have never been more scared in Russia than I have been in their hospitals.  Going to try really hard not to get sick or hurt so I don't have to spend more time in there.  Hope everything is going good at home, don't know if you guys are trying to send me stuff, I think it just takes a long time to get here.  I love you guys, stay happy my friends. 
-старейшина холланд
ps-they are playing the ghostbusters themesong in this internet cafe.  Don't know why I had to mention that but it seemed relevant.

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