Saturday, May 4, 2013

Week 7:

I think it is week 7, not really sure.  Something like that.   I have like a week and a half till Russia, schweet. Had a funny week this week, a lot to talk about.  So, last week after TRC, which is when we just teach people who know Russian that come and volunteer to be taught, my comp was complaining of some serious stomach pain, so we went to the front desk and after talking to a doctor they sent us to the Hospital.  I ESCAPED THE MTC.  It was super weird, driving through town, seeing a bunch of people who weren't Missionaries, everyone was pretty much speaking English.  Weird.  We got to the Hospital and they had Adventure Time on the TV, had to dig deep for some will power to not watch it.  Those of you who don't know we aren't supposed to watch TV or anything as Missionaries, even if one is right next to us.  But it was ok because the one that was on was a stupid one anyway.  Anyway we go in and the doctor is like, yeah could be appendicitis, could be poop, we get missionaries all the time that just can't deal with the food.  He ordered a catscan.  It was poop.  My comp claims that another MTC doctor he met with thought it was an intestinal virus, but I'm not sure, he bounced back pretty quickly.  Anyway so yeah, I had a little field trip, which was sweet. More district drama this week, we had what is known by Czar Callens as a "Come to Jesus Meeting", yeah he's from Texas.  Pretty much means we laid everything on the table.   Pretty much what was decided is that speaking a lot of Russian wasn't all that important, because most people think that we aren't going to learn anything till we get to the field.  While that is kind of true, I was bummed, because we aren't going to get better here unless we practice, and everyone else was doing it except for us.  So that meeting didn't end up helping, everyone was still kinda mad at everyone, the MTC was getting to us.  Then just when everyone thought life could not become any bleaker, a majestic omen appeared telling us that we would in fact some day leave the MTC and go to Russia.  Our Russian name tags came, so pumped.  We get them like a week before we go, but we aren't aloud to wear them till we leave.  My name is spelled холланд, it looks awesome.  When those got handed out everything was ok again, and then brat Crawford came in and told everyone that the other district he is teaching is doing way better than us, and then all of a sudden everyone wanted to speak Russian again, ура (hooray).  So anyway things are back to normal, Oh except they changed our whole schedule, they are messing with my flow.  We've been doing the same thing thing for weeks and they just up and switch it on us right before we leave, mean.  But it's not so bad, kinda nice actually to have a change.  Oh I found some sick penny loafers in the free box (box where exiting missionaries leave all their crap they can't take with them), and they fit perfectly.  They sound like high heels when I walk around though, still they have become pretty popular among my peers. старейшины be jealous. Thanks for the letters everybody.  Will, I'm glad to hear that you were safe after everything and that your family was too, I liked your letter, keep em comin.  Becca, you keep chugging along, your a gem.  Anna, you are awesome and should just quit school and be a business lady (not really though). Holly, don't get senioritis, don't be like me, it's super boring, and I'm happy to hear you are surfing.  Gma, thanks for the letter, family info on Russia, it's super cool, and the pictures, and the moolah.  Mom, thanks for your letter, it brightened my day, always good to hear whats going on with you guys.  Thanks for all the love people, you are good jobbers.  Anyway I've got one more P-Day in here and then it is Russian fun times,  Teachers keep talking about their missions in Ukraine and Russia, and I'm just super pumped to get there, even though I'm going to be confused for about 3 months straight, and then slightly confused for about 2 or 3 more months, and then occasionally confused for the rest of my mission.  Russian be crazy.  Later.


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