Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 11:

So I don't know what week we are on now, I stopped counting.  It has been another week in Russia and this one went by pretty quick.  This week we made the goal as a district of getting 60 contacts, which seemed doable, and we were all pumped.  We only got half of that, these Russians are tough. We pretty much just went conctacting all week, stopping people on the street and what not.  Tracting is frowned upon by the police here so we have to just go around talking to people outside or on the metro.  I keep thinking all the time, man, there has got to be a better way to do this.  Because the way we try to get people to talk to us isn't really working out so great, and I don't blame them.  If I was in their shoes I probably wouldn't stop for me.  We are going to figure out better ways to do this, and when we do we are gonna revolutionize the sport of missionary work.  I'm tired of not having anyone to teach.  I came up with an idea that I am going to try to test run this week, I call it pain contacting.  It is where we "accidentally"  fall down or something in front of people in the park or on the street, and if they help us up or stop to say are you ok maybe we can start a conversation, I'll let you know how that one goes.  Anyway not to much going on around here, University area is kind of infamous for that, but there are really cool people.  I went on my first split the other day with our dl, Elder Brown.  It was so fun, life is so good when you get along with your comp.  It was so fun, we talked to so many people, and he's a cool guy.  Unfortunately he's leaving our area next week to go be a zone leader somewhere else, so we will be getting a new district leader.  Sad day, but I hear the new guy we are getting is pretty cool, and he likes adventure time so that's a plus.  I got your dear elders Holly and Mom, thanks so much, they were much needed, and they were from like a month ago I think so I understand the time table of letters now.  Oh congrats by the way Holly, sorry I couldn't be there for your graduation.  You done good child. I am having a hard time sleeping lately,  dunno why.  Some days on the mish, you will find yourself exhausted beyond all belief, but unable to sleep, then you will stand at the window of your communist era дом in your underwear and sip juice out of a tea cup until 12:30 and then be sad because you realize you will be waking up in 6 hours.  Juice here is pretty good though so it's not all bad.  We gotta do something to pick things up around here, but I don't know what.  Elder Brown said that he has never seen this much of a dry spell before, and I believe it.  Met with a guy named Ali yesterday, we accidentaly called him when we were trying to call the other Ali, but it turned out he wanted to talk so we were like cool.  He is also a really good guy, he is from Pakistan and spent most of the time trying to convice us that not all Muslims or Pakistanis are terrorists.  And we were like dude we know that, we love Muslims, but he still kept working on us.  He is really cool though, Muslims are awesome, they think a lot of the same things we do, and this guy Ali is super cool.  He took a BOM and said he would read it, even though we didn't really bet a chance to explain it to him, because he spent most of the time talking.  Really nice guy though.  Oh and then сергей, the one who claims he has been baptized in our church, came to church and this week we had fast and testimony meeting, that means it is the sunday in the month where the whole hour people can go up and say whatever they want.  So сергей went up and started preaching about making sure that we were all eating organic products.  That was funny.  Then we had a meeting with him and the sister missionaries and he just went off on us.  He was talking about how we don't know enough, and how we need to study more, and how the missionary program has gone down hill.  He kept looking at me, making eye contact with me, and then just talking for like 15 minute intervals about things I didn't understand at all.  I was like man, I know your trying to tell me something but I've only been here a month, slow it down a smidgen.  Anyway he's a weird one, but a nice guy.  Sorry I don't have any really cool stories this week.  Love you guys and miss you.  Also miss the ocean.  I spend most my time on the metro so sometimes I stand in the middle of it and don't hold on to anything and pretend I'm surfing.  Don't judge me.
See ya

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