Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 12:

Hey everybody,
So this week was a good one, pretty crazy, lot of stuff going on, kind of a blur.  Last pday we played lasertag for pday which was sweet, it was our last pday with elder Brown as our fearless leader, fun times.  Anyway we met with a kid named Pasha, he's a cool guy, but we had a hard time getting our message accross at first cuz neither of us speak the best Russian.  Then a member named Denice showed up to sit in on the lesson, he was awesome, he just dropped knowledge on the guy for like an hour straight, Pasha had to go out of town after that but it was a good lesson and I'm excited to maybe meet up with him again, would be sweet to get a second lesson, never got past number 1.  I love it when we get to talk to people or have lessons in Russian, I love being confused.  A lot of the time people just talk to us because they want to speak english with us, that is a bother. We had a mission conference last friday which was sweet, Elder Nelson was supposed to come but he couldn't make it, but we still had a good speaker, and I got to see all my buddies from all over the mission so that was fun.  Not a whole lot else happened for a while, we worked a lot, spent forever contacting, doing what we can.  Last comp inventory was funny, thats where we talk in our companionships about our strengths and weaknesses and what we need to change.  After we had taken care of business elder Beals looked at me and was like, Elder Holland, can you teach me how to be manly?  It took every fiber of will power I posessed to not laugh histerically.  At first I was just like, look brother, you've come to the wrong place for that.  I've never had muscles, I never get girls, and I still watch cartoons.  Then I told him we can like work out more if he wants and maybe change some habits but he shouldn't try to change his personality just cuz of others.  I told him he would probably get along better with other elders if he mellowed out a little bit though.  He's a funny guy, probably one of the most interesting I've ever met.  Anyway that was funny.  Mom, I got the package you sent, and it is like the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, thanks so much. I also got  a bunch of letters, thanks Rach and Mom, your letters were super nice.  Also big thanks to Stacy for dropping a note, the people here are awesome, was good to hear from you about how things are going.  Oh and thanks to the Hegstroms too for your letter.  I know that more happened this week than I can remember, but its hard to put everything together at the end of the week.  Oh we went on splits with the AP's, that was fun, me and the one I went with just contacted like all day.  A topless old man in the park sang us a song and we got the number of another old man who had a sweet mustache and a black sabbath t shirt.  the AP's are funny.  Last night was super cool, we met up with a guy named Max, he's a muslim guy from Tajekistan and he is my new best friend.  He's got a wife and daughter over in Tajekistan (don't know if that's how it's actually spelled) and he works here and sends them money.  We had a lesson with him and he's a super sincere guy, but he doesn't want to meet about religion anymore because he feels like that would be moving to far away from Islam.  We told him we got that and we invited him to come to english club if he could, and he was like yeah I'm down, I love hanging out with you guys.  After we were talking for a while he was like, I gotta tell you guys something, I have a problem in my life right now, not a huge problem, but a problem; and I am always thinking about that problem, but when I am with you guys that problem is gone, I don't even think about it, is that bad?  It's actually pretty cool cuz that is exactly what I needed to hear, because these past couple of weeks I have kind of felt like, man, am I actually doing anything good out here, am I helping anyone or just wasting my breath.  Because we have something so awesome to give to people, but nobody wants it.  But because Max said that, I realized even if things don't appear to be working out and I can't really see the effects, we do have an impact out here.  It's not always huge but if we can at least brighten a persons day then we are doing something.  Even if its just getting a smile and a hello from two weird American kids.  Oh other funny story, I was sitting on the metro reading a book about russian grammar trying to figure out how to talk to the lady next to me, and at one stop some kid in a vans tank top came up to me and showed me his phone and what looked like had been written by a  year old said "God Bless You" in english.  Then he smiled at me shook my hand and bolted before I could talk to him, all I could say was thank you.  Little things like that keep you going out here.  That kid made my day.  Things are going to get better around here, the people are so cool, just really genuine people.  я скучаю по вас. вас очень люблю. покой все.

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