Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week 13:

Hi guys,
So this week was pretty cool.  Start off last pday, we went to a chinese restaurant with some chinese (well he is from Taiwan) guy from our ward who is hillarious, his name is Mike and he speaks Russian, English, and Mandarin.  We are pretty sure the place is owned by the chinese mafia, we had to go through like metal detectors and stuff to get in.  It was all you can eat, so I loaded up my plate with a bunch of stuff and sat down. Turns out if you don't finish everything you take you owe them 1000 рубs which is like 30 bucks.  It was only after I had filled my plate with a bunch of liver that I found this out.  By the time I finished all my food my tongue felt numb and I didn't know why.  So that was funny and painful, but mostly funny.  The week was pretty cool, did a lot of work.  We got a referall from a member for a blind guy who wanted to meet with us.  This guy is legit, we had a lesson with him and he is awesome.  We were talking to him and he was like man, I really want to come to church, I'll call ирина (the member) and see if she can walk me there this week.  He also asked if we had the BoM in brail, we don't know if we have it Russian or not, but if not we are just going to get an audio one for him.  Turns out he couldn't come to church this week cuz his brother came to town, but it I think he arranged with the member to come next week. Yeah so that guy is cool.  The rest of the week was pretty much contacting, a lot.  This week we had a little fun with it too which was good.  One day we got together as a district and did a chalk drawing, where we draw out what we call the "plan of salvation" which is a very basic overview of what we believe this whole life thing is about.  Then people come up and talk to us.  We picked a bad spot, under an advertisement for a beauty school, so people at first thought we were advertising for that.  Heh.  But we still had some good conversations.  One super serious Russian Orthodox guy came and was yelling at the sisters for like a half hour, so I went over there and since I don't know a ton of Russian I just murdered him with kindness.  After a while he was slapping me on the back saying "он спасен!"  Meaning something like "this one is saved!".  I don't think he calls the shots on that one but it was a nice thought.  He wouldn't take anything from us at the end and he doesn't want to meet again, but at least he thinks we are less crazy.  Then the next day it was going to be english club, and we wanted a ton of people there, so we got together as a district, picked routes, and just went around inviting everyone on the streets to come by and practice their english.  This was my favorite part of the week because me and Elder Beals would work opposite sides of the street so I got to fly solo.  So fun to talk to people in Russian on my own, and a couple of them were really cool.  One guy even showed up that day, most of the others said they could probably come the next week.  But we ended up having the best turn out we've ever had at english club, it was awesome.  I love Russians because they aren't afraid to tell you if they are not interested in something, which is way better than having them be polite and not actually know if they are or not.  Oh I cut all my hair off, I let the comp do it, we just slapped a 3 on the razor and shaved my whole head to that length to eliminate human error.  I'm almost bald but not completely.  This saturday we have culture night which is where we get to go do something cultural, at night. We are going to hit an opera at the большой, I'm not super into operas, but you can't live in Moscow and not go to something at the Bolshoy. We might hit the ринок (don't know how that's spelled but means russian outdoor indoor market) where they sell ties for 100 рубs each, thats like 3 bucks and they are sweet.  That way we can look fresh for the Bolshoy, I want to buy a real bowtie and learn how to tie it. Anyway things are going good out here, still working hard and not seeing a whole lot of progress, but that's Moscow, and while we aren't seeing a lot of progress we are seeing potential.  Still looking for other ways to serve people out here but it's hard in Russia, they don't really like having people do service, it's weird.  Love and miss you guys, fill me in on your lives. Friends within the sound of my blog, we are now aloud to email eachother, if dearelder is not your cup of tea, drop me an email, you all know how the internet machine works.  My email is  много любвы все. 

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