Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 14:

Hey everybody, so this week was hillarious.  The work was fine, we had a couple of good meetings with what seem like pretty sincere people, but we still haven't really gotten past a first lesson despite all our efforts.  Good news though, андрей (blind guy) came to church and said he really liked it.  Bad news, he leaves in 3 weeks to go to Massage School in another part of Russia.  Every time we find someone cool somehow the universe finds a way to take them away.  So we will try to teach him as much as we can while he's here and then pass along his info to whatever Mission he will be in so that some other lucky missionaries can work with him.  So that is the most significant mission thing that happened this week, aside from that we talked to a ton of people.  It finally happened, they turned off our hot water for the rest of the summer.  In Russia they decide in your building that it is hot enough they turn off the hot water, and then when it starts to get winterish they will turn it back on.  Cold showers aren't so bad, the trick is to remember to breath for the first 30 seconds, and then you kind of sort of get used to it.  But this week it has been so hot and muggy that I was actually kind of glad.  I feel what can only be described as sticky 24/7, and our fan broke so that was great.  Anyway the biggest thing I wanted to talk about was culture night, which is probably the greatest thing that ever happened to me.  So going there, I am going to be honest, I was not super excited besides the fact we were going to the baby большой, cuz I'm not really into opera music, and this was going to be german translated into Russian so I was going to have no idea what was going on. I was prepared to draw doodles and to sleep.   Oh deary me was I wrong.  The scene opened on a wall of graffitti and the first thing that happened was a dude in naught but his undies busted through the wall.  He belted a couple of opera lines in german then passed out.  Then some lady cops came on the stage, from the look of their costumes somehow I knew that things were going to turn inappropriate.  I was correct, the ripped off their costumes in like 45 seconds, it was probably the most awkward thing that has happened in my life, but in the greatest way.  8 missionaries in a play where in the first five minutes there was already a hunky guy in booty shorts and 3 strippers. They were wearing what were essentially one peice swimsuits underneath, but it was still definitely not missionary apropro.  The senior couple was there too so that made it all the better, some old classy folks from bountiful Utah.  Elder Beals was devistated, because he picked out this opera and conviced us all to go, and he is the kind of person that I think has never done a bad thing in his life. The rest of the opera was great, complete with giant rubber ducks and clowns that yelled Fart (not sure what that means in german but I quickly learned that I am not mature enough to not laugh at the word fart). But wait, it get's better, not only was this an edgy modern presentation of the Mozart classic The Magic Flute, but one of the members from our ward was in the choir.  The second act did not let us down.  The curtain opened with a bunch of out of shape Russian dudes in speedos laying under tanning lamps with guys walking around in lab coats singing in German. Then we spotted васия, our member, he has a video on  He was standing to the side in a robe, and every 30 seconds those in robes would strip down and lay under the lamps.  I got to see one of our famous russian members in a speedo that day, and oh how glorious it was. I could not have asked for a more culturaly enlightening experience, I don't even have time to explain every amazing point of this opera.  I still have no idea what happened, but that doesn't take away from it's majesty.  I felt bad for Elder Beals, he was absoloutely distraught, I thought it was a masterpiece though.  So yeah, that was culture night, could not have been better.  Anyway good to hear from all of you.  Thanks for the letters Will, sounds like summer back in LG is pretty mellow, thanks for the updates though and all the love.  You need to surf more though, this is bigger than you, you have the sacred obligation to surf for the both of us.  Hitchhike if you have to.  Just kidding, sort of.  Thanks to Mom as well, love me some Momma mail.  Hope all you guys are enjoying the summer back home.  I still have haunting dreams about being in the pacific ocean.  Miss that beautiful body of salt water.  Continue to fill me in on your lives, love to hear from you.  Stay fresh.  

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  1. Alex, you are always in my mind and prayers. Dad keeps me posted of all the great things you are doing. And,I finally had some down time from Crazy work and family to go and "read" your transformative work and experience. I sure miss seeing you around - but am very proud of you. You are an amazing human being, (you already were!)- Your Fan - Anabelle