Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 15:

Whatsup everybody.  Happy 4th of July, I didn't realize it had happened until that night I was writing in my journal.  Anyway not a whole ton happened this week, pretty mellow as far as the mish goes.  We got our new mission president and he came and talked to us.  He's a pretty cool guy, didn't get a lot of time to talk with him 1 on 1, but I think he will be good for the mission, really open to new ideas, asks us to tell him what we need to change to improve around here.  When we met he said, well Elder Holland, would you be ready to train next transfer if need be. I was like, I'm down let's do this thing.  He said I probably won't have to, but there are going to be a lot of people that are going to have to step up and take on more responsibility than they are prepared for because most the mission is green (new people) right now.  I think it would be pretty fun to get put with an inexperienced person, when you kick out the crutch of having someone to rely on you learn a lot faster.  This week we got figged a lot, that means people said they would meet with us then they didn't show.  And we have come to learn that the people we have been meeting with us have been meeting only for english, and they aren't really interested in church things.  So we have come to the accord that it is time to find some new people to teach.  Oh, I'm the proud owner of classy manpurse now.  In Europe it's not fruity, people were looking at me funny when I'd be wearing a classy suit with a dakine backpack, so it was time to step it up.  Also they changed the dress code so i didn't really have a choice.  It is the family bag passed down by Beauchemin, he tried to hand it down to his real son, but that ungrateful little boy didn't accept it.  So he is letting me use it until he trains again.  Me and elder Beauchemin went on a split lesson with this guy who has a cool beard and he took us to a hipster cafe where it's just an appartment they turned into a cafe, and coffee and tea is free and you pay by the hour.  He read about us on wikkipedia and came over and brought us 2 coffees and said here ya go, then we were like yikes, sorry buddy we don't drink coffee.  Then he snapped his fingers and said o dang I completely forgot about that, we weren't convinced, we were pretty sure he was just testing us.  Nice  try beardy guy. Had some pretty good mint tea though.  During the lesson Elder Beauchemin was dropping knowledge but then got stuck on a question and it was awkward so I jumped in for a minute, then the guy got up to go get so more coffee and Elder Beauchemin was like man, nobody ever helps me on lessons when there is an awkward silence, I love you! I was like woah take it easy buddy, but I appreciated it at the same time.  I got the mother of all packages, thank you so much family for all the food and letters, peanut butter is like diamonds here, so now I'm the richest missionary in Russia.  I feel like that guy in prison that knows how to get people things.  Oh and false alarm by the way on the hot water, they turned it back on, and when we ran it there was so much rust that it looked like blood was coming out of the shower for a good 20 minutes, I'll send pictures when I can, these computers won't let me.  Thank you also Grandma for the box, and letter, it was also amazing, I'm glad you guys know exactly what food I like.   I will not be going hungry anytime soon.  Me and Elder Beals had another heart to heart, every weekly planning is interesting.  I've been pretty cold to him, he was like man, I don't even know who you are, you are so mysterious.  It's just hard to be myself around him for some reason, probably because we are not in agreement on anything.  But I feel bad for how I've acted thus far.  We were both laying everything on the table so I explained to him that when I came I was expecting my trainor to be a big strong man hardened by post communist Russia who has been stabbed and kidnapped and speaks good Russian.  And then I saw him for the first time holding some icecream and he screamed at the top of his lungs ELDER HOLLAND and started hugging me and jumping up and down, and then I was like wait, what?  He thought that was pretty funny.  We are gonna try to be better friends, but it is just hard being with some 24/7 that you don't see eye to eye with and bugs you on so many levels. But he is still one of the nicest people I've ever met and a good missionary.  So that's what is new. Nothing super interesting.  Hope all is well at home, I'll try to get more cool stories this week to share so that I don't bore you with my emails.  Stay happy everybody, enjoy America for me.  Later. 

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