Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 16:

Another week in Russia, this one was pretty uneventful as far as weeks in Russia go.  Last pday was sweet, we took an hour and a half metro ride and a ghetto free bus to the outside of Moscow where lies the largest ринок (that is spelled incorrectly but it means sketchy Russian market) in all of the planet, maybe.  Anyway we get there and we are looking for a suit for Elder Kelly, the white rapper from Utah.  So we walk around in the market thing and then find stores with suits and then we walk in looking all nonchalant and like we don't really want to buy anything the bad.  Then an Armenian guy comes up and goes friend, what do you want.  Then elder Kelly says he wants a light beige suit, so the Armenian dude starts whipping out coats and slapping them with the back of his hand as if to say, are you not impressed?  And since the suits here are pretty suit, we are indeed impressed, but try not to act like it.  Then he starts putting them on Elder Kelly and Elder Kelly looks in the mirror, he likes what he sees, but if he expresses that then it's game over.  He asks how much it costs, the Armenian guy says 7500 рубs. We then laugh as if it is a joke, and it is.  Then the Armenian guy will respond with, how much do you want it to be.  Elder Kelly will respond with an equally riddiculous number such as 1000.  The Armenian guy acts all insulted and then goes down to around 4500.  Then Elder Kelly says, man I can do 1500 but that's really all I got, then the Armenian guy takes the coat and says get out of my store.  Then we leave the store go to another one and the process repeats itself. Pretty much we spent all of pday in the ринок and bought absolutely nothing,  but it was fun to haggle. Super exhausting though, gonna mostly relax today.  Me and Elder Beals had a little bit of a week.  It was a figapalooza, a fig is what we call it here when someone says they are gonna show up to meet and they don't.  We had 5 out of 6 lessons fall through, and one guy said he wasn't interested in seeing us ever again.  That one stung a little bit.  But hey that's what we do, invite people to what we got and if they aren't having it we can't make them.  I will admit though it is not easy to day in day out dump out your most personal thoughts and feelings on people and have them reject you.  I have told things to people I don't know all that well that I've never told to my family or closest friends, and then they say пока ни удачники (solong losers).  They don't actually say that though, well usually.  So yeah, not the easiest week I've ever had, but hey, thats how the mish goes sometimes, and thats how we get all manly.  While we didn't meet a whole lot of people that want to meet up or are interested in what we do, we did meet some cool people.  Sister Gale who is notorious for contacting dudes was talking to a bald guy in a flowing robe during a district contacting activity and I was like sorry lady, I'm jumping in on this one.  The guy was an orthodox budhist from st petersburg, guy was awesome.  Says he's got a mormon friend but not really interested, super cool guy though.  One guy we met with this week had gotten kicked out of his appartment and couldn't find a place for him and his family and the other 10 people that lived with him.  I felt super helpless because all we could do was ask around and refer him to a good shelter place where he could stay until he found a new appartment.  That one was a heartbreaker. Tough because we are here to help people, but when we finally find someone who actually needs it we can't always help.  But we do what we can.  Hoping this week will be better and I'll have more to tell you guys about.  Thanks for the letters Mom and Grandma, my most faithful writers, you guys are the best.  Hope everything is going good back home and you are all staying happy.  Say hi to America for me.  Catch you guys next week.

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