Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 17:

So sorry if I bummed you guys out last week with my pity party, I whine a lot. This week we had some awesome stuff happen and it was a lot of fun.  First bonus, I bought one of the sisters harmonica off her for the hefty price of 300 рубs, so worth it.  It is so nice to have something to practice at the end of every day to distract your mind a little bit.  I don't want to say I'm getting awesome at it, but yeah kind of.  So that was a huge help, little mini чудо.  Next awesome thing that happened this week was on wednesday.  So our district tried to start up an FHE kind of thing,which is a little get together where we play games and eat snacks, where people who we are meeting with can come hang out with church members just to get to know the people.  Gonna be honest, up until now it has been pretty lame, usually have 1 or 2 random people, no members, and 6 missionaries.  This week's was awesome, we had 12 people not including missionaries come, which is crazy good for our area.  The branch president walked in and just looked super confused. Heh.  So that was good.  I went on splits with Elder Kelly this week, the white rapstar of Provo, neither of us speak a ton of Russian and we didn't have any meetings the whole day so we just walked around talking to people, super funny.  It was tons of fun cuz I had to do alot of the talking.  This one super russian guy with thick glasses that looked like a nuclear engineer we stopped and asked where we could find some good борщ, he then unloaded words on us we didn't understand for about a half hour at a rate uncommon to most humans.  At the end he was like, how long you been in Russia, and so I was like I've only been here 2 months so sorry I don't understand a ton. And he was like "Sorry?! I've been here for 54 years and this language is still riddiculous to me".  We met with слова a couple times this week, guy I had my first lesson with that we passed to the other elders.  He said he wanted to help us with our Russian and also talk about religion because things weren't working out super well with the other elders.  I love that guy.  Had some really cool meetings with him.  People like him I don't worry about at all, I really believe that people who are honestly looking for answers to questions are going to find them if they go to the right places, and слова fits into that category.  I told him that and then he said, that's cool, but I worry about you guys a lot.  We asked him why and he said he's worried that Russia is going to spoil us.  Heh.  I was like dude, look at elder Beals, he's been here for a year and he still got sunshine and rainbows flying out of his face.  Yeah so that was good.  Then the cherry on top was yesterday, one guy we contacted came to church and brought his buddy.  They liked sacrament meeting and then we had a 2 hour lesson with them with a member named илена.  We just watched her drop духовные bombs of knowledge on them, it was legit.  Our ward is awesome, our members are the greatest.  Transfers coming up and there is a pretty decent chance I could get moved, if I do I'm really gonna miss these people here, even though I haven't really gotten to know them super well because of the language barrier.  The kids like me at least.  Oh, another important purchase of the week, sweet spiderman notebook that I write words I don't understand in.  25 рубs, that's a steal. Sister кукуруза always asks me "сколько тебе лет?" (how old are you?). пять.  Another funny thing, turned around in church and who do I see but Richard Portwood, one of Rachael's past gentleman callers.  That was surprising, but awesome.  Was super good to see him, he says he wants to hang out next pday, I'm down.    Thanks for the Dear Elders Mom and Paps, good to hear from you guys.  Keep em coming, all you people are my only connection to the outside world, except billboards but they are in Russian.  Saw there is going to be another Wolverine movie, at what point will Hugh Jackman stop looking good in wifebeaters? Dude doesn't age.  Anyway That's my week, don't be afraid to send some love people. покой

After weeks of cold showers, the pipes got a little rusty.

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