Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 18:

So it finally happened.  I finally found her.  I got me a бабушка  (babooshka- grandma/old lady).  The most popular old member came back from the доча (that's spelled wrong but it just means summer home in the country that Russians go on vacation to for extended periods of time).  She loves missionaries more than is probably healthy.  She called us up and invited us and the other companionship of elders over for a spiritual thought, she picked the theme.  We asked her if she wanted us to invite the sisters and she said no, I have another program for the them.  She is making them pull weeds today, heh.  Anyway we get over there and she opens the door and says "Старейшины, свет мой, приходите!" Which means, elders, my light, get on in here.  Apparently she says that every time.  Anyway we shared our spiritual thought and then she said, ok I'm going to feed you now and I'm gonna tell you how I found the church.  She made us like 100 pounds of плов which is a rice dish that's not really from Russia, but is crazy good.  She also has a cat that's shaved super funny.  So yeah, I love that lady, she's also like 4.5 feet tall.  Work has been super slow this week.  Seems that all of Russia is on vacation at the moment, so we can't meet with anyone.  Also we had our first english club in three weeks.  We have been spending a lot of time inviting for english these last couple of weeks, but only like 4 new people showed up, that was a slap to the face.  I'm so ready to be done talking to people about english, time to learn these people about church again.  Would love to find some people to teach, we keep trying but just something isn't clicking.  Transfers coming up, and our district is ripe for destruction.  I'm almost done with training so me and my comp will probably get split up.  Our Russian sister has been here since training for 3 transfers, so she might get moved, and I don't know what will happen to the other elders.  Had a funny week with Elder Beals.  One night he was talking to me about all the things he was worried about and just life in general, and I was like dude you gotta relax.  And he said, I don't know how, I've never known how.  Then he said, maybe that's why we are companions, you are supposed to teach me how to relax.  I said ok, but if you wanna go down this path you gotta commit.  He agreed and I said step one, you can't wear pants around the house.  I'm a strong believer that there is nothing that says "I'm mellow" more than walking around in one's undies.  He is super против (against it), I've have never caught glimpse of him in less than basketball shorts and a tshirt.  He refuses to cooperate, so we will try to work another angle.  Funny Elder Beals moment of the week, this was after this whole ordeal.  He looked me dead in the face, and without the slightest hint of sarcasm said "Elder Holland *dramatic pause*, I want to love you to the moon and back".  Usually when a man says this sincerely to another man, it means someone is about to get punched in the face.  But then punching elder Beals in the face would be like punching an entire litter of puppies in the face.  Plus I'm not really about punching people so I just laughed.  So yeah, that was my week, none too exciting.  It's hard to think of my whole week this early in the morning, whenever I leave the internet cafe I'm like dag, I forgot to tell them about that.  But I think thats basically what happened.  Well, love you guys, miss you all, send me mail.  всё

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