Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 19:

This week was straight crazy, a lot of weird stuff happened.  First on Tuesday, our district was passing out BoMs on some sidewalk, two drunk guys staggered over who the district chose to have deal with them, that's right, Elder Holland and Elder Kelly, the dream team of people who don't really speak Russian.  Luckily one of them was pretty good with english, even whilst shmammered.  Anyway they were just talking to us being ridiculous and we were trying to get them to leave.  Then one was like hey, let me help you guys out, so he grabbed a BoM and started trying to pass it out to  people, so I was like woah buddy, that books a special present, just for you.  He got all excited and was like, a present for me!  Then he walked away happy.  I don't know what happened to his buddy, but they made me sad.  Pretty depressing what alcohol does to people out here, it's still a pretty big problem.  Anyway the rest of the week was pretty much us waiting by the phone, transfer week is the worst.  Basically we can expect to know where we are going between Thursday and Saturday, and like I said we were pretty sure something was going to happen to us.  Nothing happened to us.  So I get a third transfer here, cool.  I was pretty excited for a change, but that's just the way things go sometimes.  Just get a little more time to get something going here is all.  Elder Beals was super bummed, and before transfers he said that he wanted to stay in this area, so that means there can only be one factor making him sad. я.  But hopefully we can turn that frown upside down and get some work done out here.  In church this Sunday some lady came in and sat down that we hadn't seen before and we were like sweet, new person at church.  Then while they were doing the sacrament, which is the most quiet and reverent part of our service, lady just starts yelling.  She was like, your church is crazy, it's totally made up, you are all ridiculous for coming here, I'm from the Russian Orthodox church and I'm here to set you all straight.  Then the branch president went and tried to ask her to go talk to him out in the hall so we could do our thing, and then two of the lady members went out and talked to her while we finished the sacrament.  While she was leaving she was like, I'll be outside casting out demons if any of you are interested.  Tempting.  So that was interesting.  Yesterday we had fast Sunday so after not eating 24 hours our district went crazy on some homemade burritos.  Then us and the sisters went over to our gypsy бабушка's place and she was like hey, why is there only 4 of you, I cooked for 6.  Elder Beals ate a little bit and then said he felt sick so he went and sat in the other room, leaving me with two sisters, an old lady, and food for 6.  So basically I ate food for 6 for second dinner.  I never thought my ability to over eat would ever come in handy. Anyway, weird week.  Sorry it's not more spiritual.  Love you guys.  Sorry, out of time.  

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