Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 20:

Hold on to your pants people because there is news this week.  Middle of the week we get a call from one of the AP's and he says hey, do you guys like Armenians?  We said sure we love Armenians, then he said cool, we've got a new companion for you.  So now I am in a tripanionship, woo.  Our new comp served in Armenia for 6 months, decided he couldn't serve there anymore because it was pretty much his hometown, and then got reassigned to Moscow.  He had to leave because his family kept trying to visit him all the time and it was killing him.  Homesickness on the mission kills.  Friends and family, I love you, I want you to send me letters, but you stay the hecks out of my country.  Just kidding, kind of.  Just hard for missionaries because we are already missing home a lot and then if we get a little taste of our old life it just makes us want to go home.  Anyway they sent him to the MTC in England, over the course of 20 days taught him a spot of english, and then shipped him out to Russia.  So he speaks essentially no English or Russian. That's like me serving for 6 months in California, sending me somewhere to learn Spanish, and then making me serve in Korea.  Not gonna lie, the day we picked him up I was thinking wow, as if my life wasn't strange enough.  But I love this Armenian guy. He has an amazing attitude about all of this, he can't say much but everything we do he says, yeah no problem, I am happy.  He likes to cook and knit, so that's nice.  He already served in the army so now he is 25, and he just had some kind of surgery on his leg.  Still trying to figure out how this whole missionary thing works with 3 people, but we'll get it.  We had zone conference this last week, was good to see everybody.  They made a new program where we track our obedience for points and if we achieve a certain amount in a transfer we get a culture night, so basically if we do everything we are supposed to be doing we get twice the culture nights.  I like it, gives some extra motivation.  This week we had like 0 meetings with people, but we found a lot of new people.  This is  дача season in Russia, so pretty much everyone is out in the countryside.  They will come back eventually, but for now we are struggling.  Still trying to keep chugging a long, but at the same time changing stuff cuz clearly things are not working.  I met a guy yesterday who has been spending the last 3-4 years developing a new game of chess where the board is like twice the size and it's got a ton of other pieces. Also met a dude in medical school that also just happens to be on the Russian version of The Voice, he wants to meet up.  I'ma teach a celebrity.  Kind of random but I thought I'd mention it.   Thanks for the letters Mom Holly and GMa, you guys are the best.  Well that's about all I can think of from this week.  Miss ya everybody, hope life is still going good back in the states. Will be coming up on my 6 month mark in a couple weeks here, that's pretty weird.  Yup, I think that's everything.  Bye. 

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