Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 21:

This week was funny.  Every week here is pretty strange, but this one was super interesting.  So me and the Armenian are super good buds now.  It's kind of funny because we can't really talk to eachother but we get along way better than me and Elder Beals ever have.  The sisters saw me and him talking to each other cracking up and they came over and asked, what language do you guys speak to each other? We don't really know. The man can dance, got some sweet arab moves, he promised to teach me.  Also something I learned about Armenians is they've got some crazy swag, he's got a kord suit that his mom made for him, pretty fresh.  Life in a tripanionship is pretty funny, we contact both sides of the street, two people on one side and one person on the other, which is tricky because we need to be able to see each other at all times, so when on side of the street starts having a long conversation the other side just has to walk back and forth until the other person is done.  I don't know if that made sense.  Working with elder Arshakyan has made me realize how fun training would be though, it kind feels like I am right now.  I am gonna ask the president if we can keep him.  He can say a couple things, like hey, can I ask you a question, or hey can I talk to you.  Sometimes I'll be trying to talk to people and I'll hear someone nervously cry "Elder!".  Then I turn around and see elder Arshakayan looking scared standing next to a confused Russian he just stopped.  Mans a champ though.  This week someone invited us to an AA meeting with him, because one of the things we do here as missionaries is help people out with addictions, and so he asked us to come check out his program.  We went thinking it would be a small group where people sit in a circle and share their experiences, but it turned out to be their annual all day shabang where people come from all over the Russia.  heh.  So we were sitting in there awkwardly wearing things that say hello, my name is Elder Holland, and I am an alcoholic, with a bunch of Russian recovering alcoholics from all over.  There were some interesting people in there to say the least.  We were just chilling in there trying to look natural and some lady came up to us and was like hey, you guys aren't alcoholics are you?  I said, nope you caught us, we be mormons.  She started laughing and was like hah, I knew it, nobody here wears ties.  So yeah that was funny, we had to leave early but it was interesting to see.  We had a couple of interesting meetings this week.  One Muslim guy I met on the street started getting pretty intense with me, he was a fiery one.  We were talking about God, but then he started asking me whether I use toilet paper or a bude (french toilet that shoots water) when I take my twosies.  I was asking him how that related to our conversation and he was like, look we are both men here, we can be honest, how do you do it.  That was awkward.  We had a meeting with one guy that was telling us about an out of body experience he had when he was 10 and there was an explosion.  He was dead for a little bit and they brought him back.  Pretty crazy story.  He's a cool guy, going to be moving to New York in a couple months to teach dance with his wife for 5 years.  Then we met with the guy who has been developing a new game of chess for the past 3-4 years.  He is a pretty interesting man, we asked him if he had a chance to read the Book of Mormon since we had met him and he was like, sorry I only read a tiny bit.  We asked him how much and he was like, eh only about 30-40 pages.  We said, well, that's not bad brother.  He wants to meet again and so we are happy about that.  Also guess who's back in town, Андрей, the sexy blind Russian chef and soon to be masseuse.  He was in church yesterday which we were super happy about.  Thanks for the letters Holly and Mom, they keep me going.  Holly about to go to college, weird.  Good luck to you young lady, don't get engaged.  That's all for this week everybody, hope all is well, thinking about you.  Stay golden.

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