Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 22:

Hey friends, this week was alright, no super crazy stories for all of you.  We went out contacting a lot, still trying to get the Armenian going, people won't meet with us because we are fat and ugly; same old same old.  This week me and Elder Beals got to go on splits with the zone leaders, which was sort of unkoscher because usually the zone leaders only do splits with district leader companionships.  The missionary social pyramid is confusing, but they wanted to do splits with us so we did.  I went with elder Naylor, super cool guy.  He used to be in our appartment and serve in our area so he was really excited.  Surprisingly we spent a lot of our time on the split in doors talking about what the Moscow Mission needs and how we can revamp things.  Then that gypsy witch man crawled his way into my soul and found out everything that had made me sad about my mission.  Things got real in there, I'm talking like hold each other and cry deeply real.  Just kidding, but it did get pretty intense.  It helped a lot though, I am trying to change my attitude about the mish because up till now it's been pretty bad.  I have felt like a really crappy salesman up until now, and it's got to be more than that.  Plus I decided I'm done being a boring sack of sad all the time.  Anyway, that was splits, left me some things to think about.  He also said they were probably gonna leave me alone with the Armenian, that will be funny.  This past Sunday was sick and legit.  The other elders in our district had a mom with two kids, and some other guy come to church.  I talked with them and they are all golden awesome and perfect.  And they all set baptismal dates for the near future.  I am so happy that some normal people are coming to church here and that something is happening in our district.  So good.  I'm sorry but I don't have any crazy Russian or Missionary stories this week.  Things were pretty mellow.  Things are starting to turn to winter though and I'm pumped.  It's getting cold and dark way earlier now.  When Elder Naylor was over he showed me all the secret places where missionaries leave their old stuff so now I have a sweet new winter coat.  yeah baby.  Today we are going shopping for a shoulder bag for elder Beals, which we have done several times before but he can't pick one.  I told him if he doesn't buy one today next pday we are going to the баня, a russian steam house where old Russian men sit around naked and whip eachother with tree branches.  I want to go super bad but Elder Beals hates it more than anything in the world.  And if he doesn't buy a bag and refuses to go to the banya, I'm just gonna turn our appartment into one.  Hey friends, question, where are all the ladies at, everyone else is getting letters from women but me, these other elders are putting me to shame.  I don't care about your age, maridal status, or number of children; if you're reading this and have more than one x chromosome your next step is to send me a letter.  Letters from dudes are cool too.  Not to sound desperate or anything.  Well that's pretty much everything.  Hope all is well on the homefront.  Love y'alls, I'll catch ya next week. 

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