Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 23:

Well Russia is starting to feel more like Russia, and I love it.  This last week it got pretty chilly, it's still not winter cold, but it was cold.  The ladies are bustin out the fur coats. I want one.  Unfortunately they are crazy expensive and men don't really wear the full fur ones.  It rained pretty much all week, which makes our job pretty hard.  We aren't aloud to knock doors in Moscow and people aren't really keen on stopping in the street when it is freezing and rainy, but yet again we got a butt-ton of contacts and no lessons (well 3).  We are trying to find ways to still be effective in sucky weather, we were gonna try to go to a certain hipster cafe and play board games together and invite the russian hipsters to play with us.  Unfortunately we couldn't find it and we just got wet and sad and went back to stopping people on the street.  But I really like that we are trying to do new things, this whole stop people on the street all day every day is not working out.  It's good to do it sometimes, but when it is all you do you get stuck in a rut.  Elder Beauchemin, Elder Kelly, and I are trying to come up with some new ideas, need some freshness.  This week though we are doing away with contacting all together.  I'm tired of getting 5 numbers a day and no lessons, so this week we are just going for teaching.  During weekly planning we decided we are either going to be teaching, calling people, swinging by people's houses, or teaching randoms on benches and stuff.  Pretty excited about this week, even if it fails miserably at least we are trying something new.  Biggest news from this week is we are losing our Armenian.  Sad.  But it is good because he's been having a rough time here, we haven't been able to find him any armenians to teach here and russian isn't quite there yet for him.  He always says, man I'm just a thing that sits around, I can't do anything.  Well I'm paraphrazing because he says it in Russian and pantomimes.  But we are pumped because he is going to Lipitsk where they got tons of Armenians.  I am sad because now I will starve (he has been cooking for us), but I'm happy because it's what is best.  When president was having me translate to him last night over the phone he let me know a little bit what I'm gonna be doing next transfer, a little sneak preview.  I can't tell because we aren't supposed to really know what's happening til this next weekend, but suffice it to say it's gonna be super crazy awesome.  When I got off the phone elder Beals was like, what he didn't want to tell me anything, when I said no he went nuts, especially cuz president told me to tell him he has something planned for Elder Beals, but he will tell him in a week.  This president is super mysterious about transfers, it's funny. It's weird to know that I won't be with Elder Beals anymore, he's all I've known on my mission, besides this armenian guy.  My time with Elder Beals has been kind of like middleschool in that it was stressful and confusing, we had some fun, but now that it is over we are ready for it to be over and go to highschool.  Hopefully bigger better things on the way.  Don't know exactly what's going to happen to this district.  Will be sad to see it's destruction, we had a really cool group.  So yeah, feel like a chapter of my life is winding down which is weird, learned a lot though, missions are jam packed with life lessons.  Almost to much to handle.  Love you guys, fill me in on your lives, I'll catch ya next week.  

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