Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 25:

I would like to start this letter home with a few excerpts from my journal this past week. September 18, 2013- "Well tomorrow I'm having a baby and it should be awesome.  Can't wait to train and to serve with a Russian guy.  These next 2 transfers are going to be legit.  Super excited."  September 19, 2013- "Well I'm screwed."  Heh.   So yeah this week has been straight up nuts.  Me and Elder Beals said our teary goodbyes and then I got my new comp on Thursday.  He's super cool and ready to work, but that night we got home and I was like, o dag, I'm in charge now.  That night I called in to elder Beauchemin like we do every night and he was like, man you must be super stressed. Yup.  But you know whateva.  His name is Elder Антроповь and he's a funny guy.  If any of you every watched the Jimmy Neutron series, he kind of reminds me of the foreign kid that always says, slap slap slap; clap clap clap.  The situation that first night was, o dag, we have no investigators, this man doesn't speak english, and I have to call a bunch of people right now that elder Beals contacted who I don't know.  My boy is doing great though, he's got a great attitude and is a lot of fun, also he has a lot of good ideas he took from the Novasabirsk mission which is quite frankly doing better than ours.  I have had a headache for 4 days straight now just from speaking Russian all the time and trying to understand everything he says.  We were in church yesterday and I went up to the other elders and said, say something in english, anything, please.  I love russian, but man, my brain.  He uses a lot of slang, and it is a completely different language.  They have like 10 words for to eat.  It's nuts.  Learning a lot though, and makes working easier because we don't have to make the mental switch to russian when we hit the streets, already in the zone.  Oh also he is already engaged, his wife to be is also gonna serve a mission and then they are gonna get murred when he they both come home.  Pretty pumped for these next two transfers, work is gonna get done but it is going to be crazy hard.  But hard in a good way, this kind of hard I can handle.  Russia be gettin cold, and babs (grannies) are starting to yell at us all the time for not wearing enough clothes.  Don't worry mom, we are wearing enough clothes, they just yell at everyone.  Yup, so that's what is new.  My life gets progressively weirder it seems, sorry if this letter doesn't make sense, my brain is kind of scattered right now.  Thanks for the letters gma, mom, holls, dad, rach, and will.  You guys are my радость.  Oh and if any of you my buddies back in murrica are using dearelder, continue, but also drop me an email so I can send you some love.  It is just near impossible out here to get letters written, with travel in Moscow pday becomes very short.  Well everyone, until next time.  Much love, enjoy life, stay happy.  I'll see you all in about a year and a half.  покой

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