Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 26:

This week was awesome but I am pooped.  Me and my child are getting along swimmingly, I love this guy.  I was scared about him being 25 but turns out he is essentialy an 8 year old.  When we are in the appartment he walks around in his underwear dancing and making fart noises.  I can dig it.  Unlike some russian missionaries that come out here, this one came to work, and that is awesome.  He hates contacting though, but hey who doesn't.  It's been rough because with our lack of lessons thats most of what we do.  Bytuesday we had mostly just been inviting for our english club, so that night I was like ok, that's it man, tomorrow we are going to a park, we are gonna sit with someone on a bench, and drop some gospel on them.  The next day it was freezing, first snow this year, but we decided to go to the park anyway.  We got there and there were like no people, but we were already there so we decided to look around.  Then we found a guy huddled up sitting on a bench, so we asked to talk with him.  Ended up having an hour long lesson.  YEAH.  Then that Sunday he came to church and pretty much taught Sunday School, and when they asked him to introduce himself in the 3rd hour (we were combined so the whole ward was there) he told the story of how we met and then he started talking about how much he loved our church and in the middle of his talking Babooshka Elena said, "Look alecksay, I can tell you right now that you are ready to get baptized". Sorry for the run on sentence there. Everyone busted up laughing it was hillarious.  Classic Elena.  Anyway because of that we got much respect from the members, and I think that will help a lot.  It's crazy awesome working with a native, but like I said, I'm pooped.  My brain hurts all the time, but russian is getting better.  People actually listen to us sometimes now because we aren't just two weird american kids, now it's just one.  We spent a lot of time visiting member famillies this week which was super cool.  Good to see how the gospel helps out famillies, there was one we dropped by that was just the coolest family in the universe.  And that's nice to see here in Russia, because a lot of times famillies here struggle to stay together.  This week was really really great, when comps get along everything is so much better.  Tired though.  Very very tired.  New rules about sending pictures, I can only print them out and send them in mail.  Also I am not aloud to tell you about specifics of where I am or use peoples full names.  We are gonna have to make a coded system or something because if we follow all these new rules they gave us pretty much every week is gonna be; hey whatsup everyone, I'm still alive, see ya later.  Anyway that's all I can remember from this week, I'm pretty sure other stuff happened I wanted to talk about but I straight up can't think.  My brain hurts, but hey I asked for this, and super glad I did.  I'll try to fill in the blanks next week.  Love you all, miss ya, stay happy.  

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