Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 28:

I'm back sitting in my favorite sketchy internet cafe.  Feels like yesterday I was here. Got that same great smell of drunk people who haven't bathed in a week, cigarets, and assorted energy drinks.  When we get here all the people who came to play call of duty all night have just barely run out of steam and everyone is asleep on their computers.  So we get to listen to a very sleepy and short tempered host walk around and yell at them to wake up and leave.  There is not really any concept of costumer service in Russia.  Antropov and I had a pretty rough week towards the beginning of it, but the end was aight.  People still don't want to meet with us cuz we are fat and ugly, but hey, what ya gonna do.  This week we called every human being on the planet, noone was having it.  So yup as usual, things are slow.  We are trying to think of new ways to meet people because all we do is walk around all day and stop people on the street.  It's taking a toll; we are pooped, angry, and bored.  Once it gets cold we are gonna go play hockey and meet people that way, but other than that we are still brain storming.  Still haven't tried the thing where I fall down in the park in front of famillies and then when they are helping me up try to start a conversation somehow.  Maybe I'll give that a shot this week.  Just so tired of having the same conversation 100 times a day, it would be bearable if it worked but we aren't seeing too much results from it.  Plus people are not as happy here in the winter, people have said some pretty interesting things to us this past week.  Heh.  I feel bad for my boy though, because I know what it's like to be trained when no lessons are happening, it is brutal.  Lots of stress because I'm responsible for getting good learning  opportunities for him, and they aren't really coming.  We talk about it a lot though and we feel like we are doing absoloutely everything we can, of course there is always room for improvement.  Anyway towards the end of the week we sat in a kfc with a 16 year old russian boy who plays club baseball and had a good talk with him.  Russians playing baseball are super rare.  Then we met with a guy known to the missionaries as Crazy Сергей, he's got some interesting ideas.  Then we went and visited my favorite bab (old lady) in the hospital, and she had us sit down with here hospital roommate and have a lesson with her.  Man I love that lady.  She is at that age where she doesn't really care what anyone thinks about her so she talks to every living thing about the church.  We could use a little bit of that.  Still trying to figure out this whole senior comp thing.  I don't know if I used this analogy before, but it feels like they potty trained a 2 year old and then asked him to teach quantum mechanics.  The man next to me is snoring riddiculously loud.  Anyway, russian aint no thang anymore.  I still don't speak amazingly or anything, but it is helping a ton to live with a russian guy. I am sorry if all these letters seem a tad depressing, things are rough but I probably make them worse than they sound.  I do a little bit of venting here every week, keeps me sane.  Things are actually pretty great, love my comp, got sweet members here, we have food.  Getting to live in Russia is awesome, I recommend it.  I'm totally coming back to visit after this whole gig, maybe live here for a while, we'll see. Just being a missionary here can get rough.  Anywhere really.  Thanks for the letters all, you keep me going.  There is something I am forgetting to mention here but I can't remember it.  Oh well.  Happy Birthday to Rachael, don't worry, you're not old.  Miss you all, send some love if you have time.  I think that's everything.   

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