Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 29:

Another week. woo.  I'm sleepy.  Happy late halloween errybody, hope it was fun.  It's funny because I don't realize that holidays are holidays until I write down the date in my journal.  Well I started this letter like an hour ago but I've been talking with friends and family via the internet and haven't been paying attention to the time, so lets get down to the nitty gritties.  We finally got Andre the blind guy to start progressing which is awesome, but now he doesn't live in our area so we have to figure out how to pass him.  I met with Slova one more time, he has decided to take a break from the missionaries after 8 months of meeting with them.  Hoping he comes around later on.  We had culture night on tuesday, It was like an american idol show but with opera singers.  Things got weird again.  Had some guys in suits come out at one point and sing an accapella rendition of the Maroon 5 hit, Goodbye.  We were probably the only people in there that understood it.  Another part that was my favorite, a bunch of 10 year olds dressed as hobos came out singing about saving the planet, at least that's what I understood.  Then after they got done singing a weird looking witch jumped on to the stage and started the remix.  They went all techno and the hobo children started doing cartwheels and junk and then they gave them all brooms to dance with the witch lady.  Weird, but a crowd pleaser none the less. So that was culture night.  Got our new district, complete with a greenie fresh from murrica.  She set baptismal dates with 2 different investigators on sunday.  That my friends is a good-jobber.  Unfortunately neither of them live in our area.  Well that's what is new, me and antropov are still living it up, doing work, people love us, heh (sarcasm).  Oh also my armenian friend knitted me gloves and a hat, I love that weird foreigner.  This week I fly to Latvia.  Peace.

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