Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 30:

It is starting to actually feel like Russia here.  It is getting cold, we had our first snow.  It still isn't russia cold, but in Moscow there is a lot of humidity so when it gets a little bit cold it feels really cold.  I started wearing a scarf.  If any of you back home just called me a hipster fruitcake under your breath, go put on one and then tell me how you feel.  Its super cozy. Plus I already had a man purse so I've pretty much given up on maintaining my dignity.  My child is determined to give me a heart attack every week it seems.  Antropov was getting way bummed this week and was starting to talk about going home.  It's rough being a 25 year old russian man living with a bunch of american 20 year olds whilst being hated on by your own countrymen.  People are pretty mean to antropov when they find out he is russian and mormon.  So yeah, my boy is having a rough go of it, but we talked it over throughout the week and met with pres, he has decided to stay and we are gonna do some things to make it better for us.  Problem is pres said we are only aloud to contact for 2 hours a day now and it is my job to plan the rest of our day.  We don't do anything else in our area.  We've already visited pretty much every member, called every number, looked for opportunities to do service everywhere.  Nothin.  I guess we can figure something out.  This week they told me I had to start making the arrangements to end our contract for our appartment and moving out, then after I started to get things moving I called the office to tell them and they were like, o never mind; you are going to keep living there.  So then we had to reverse all the work we had already done. FUN.  We took antropov to the doctor, he's going to hold off on surgery until he goes home or until it gets really really bad.  Also he got sick at the beginning of the week so we had to sit at home for a day.  I hate sitting at home.  It's boring and guilty.  Missions are like a mindfield of guilt, no matter what you do you can feel icky about something.  This week we went and played soccer with a would-be investigator and a bunch of other russian childrens, it was freezing.  Anyway after we had a really good lesson with this one guy and he gave us his soccerball as a gift.  Then later when we called him it became very apparent he was crazy.  One thing I've learned about crazy people, they can seem pretty normal at first, and then something snaps every once in a while and they go nuts.  Meeting with him again would be danger so we are gonna steer clear of that one.  It would be really really refreshing to meet with someone who isn't crazy and doesn't want money from us.  They are out there somewhere.  I still continue to be half asleep, I talk to people and they are all like, dude go home and go to bed.  Heh. This week I have fallen asleep on every modem of public transportation more than once.  Cool story, yesterday I fell asleep on a bus heading to Elena's, then I left my umbrella on it and I was super bummed.  That was gonna be the cherry on top of another rough week.  Then when we were going home we got on the same bus and I totally found my umbrella. YEAH.  That was a much needed nice little turn of events. So that is whats happening out here, thanks gma for the mail, made my week.  If any of you ever want to talk just drop me an email, that I can write back to you.  Talk to ya next week friends.   

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