Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 32:

Happy thanksgiving errybody, hope you all had a good one.  We did. Started off rough, that morning we got a text saying that all elders now have to wear suits every day.  That was a slap to the face.  Nobody hates suits like elder holland hates suits.  It is the inverse of my nature to wear them.  But really it's not that huge of a deal, problem is I only got one left, that's a funny story.  Today I was running for the bus and I slipped on some ice and ripped my pants and messed up my knees. Some I'm sitting here in some revealing pants. Learned my lesson, gonna start wearing boots and stop running for any reason.  Anywho, we had a thanksgiving feast of chicken and other foods at the old people missionaries' house.  Was pretty fun, but besides that we did our usual running around trying to bring people some Jesus.  Yup.  I got called a spy more this week than usual.  Pretty funny chatting with those old russian men with the really thick glasses that are still pretty bummed about the ussr falling.  Antropov is still having a rough go of it.  This is going to be my last week with him no matter what, pres made that pretty clear.  Going to be a sad goodbye but I'm ready for a change.  I'm pooped.  I love the guy to death but too much drama for me to handle.  Also it will be nice to speak english sometimes.  Week was pretty dry as far as missionary work, except for at the end we got a referral from a member and had a sweet lesson.  Was pretty out of nowhere, but it was awesome.  Felt really good to have someone honestly listen to us.  Missions are pretty cool when you get to teach, just when there is a dry spell you start to forget what it's all about.  Anyway can't really remember that much from this week, kind of a blur.  Oh, saw my armenian brother.  Dang I love that guy.  He's doing work down in his city, done baptized 8 armenians down there in the past 2 months.  All kinds of cool.  Anyway, I'll let you guys know next week what I've got in the way of transfers, I don't think I'm aloud to name the area directly via email so I'll have to do it in binary code or something.  Gotta love them rules.  Til next week friends.  

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