Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 33:

What was seemingly impossible has finally happened.  I have been transfered.  My special boy is all grown up and is now going to have to take over our area.  It's ironic because we just started to pick up some cool new investigators this week.  Basically I've been banished to the nether-regions.  I'm not aloud to say the name of the city for legal purposes but it rhymes with pear, so we'll just call it pear.  It's apparently a little ghetto city around 3 hours by train outside of Moscow.  President called me and started off by saying, well elder not gonna lie, this a rough transfer you're getting; while I explain it to you, you are probably gonna be thinking "why me?".  Heh.  He then continued to explain that they are not aloud to have sister missionaries and elders in outer cities together anymore if there are no old people missionaries.  In pear there are no old people missionaries.  So they are pulling out the sisters and sending me to take the place of our other russian elder. Apparently the ward there are not very fond of missionaries and the work there has been pretty dead for a long time.  So yeah, going over there and it's gonna be me, some other american guy named stoddard, and a ghetto city full of critical russian people. That is what I'm talking about.  I'm pumped.  Gonna be rough being on our own but I think it'll be pretty sweet, plus it's my first companion that is american, young, speaks english, and doesn't have vericose in his leg besides beals.  People keep asking me if I'm going to be the district leader... there is no district.  I'm really excited though, gonna be nuts over there.  If we are going to be completely honest I've had enough of moscow, this place is like New York, but it's been fun.  It's definitely the coolest city I've ever been to, but I wouldn't want to live here.  I am pretty sad to be leaving Antropov.  He's doing like 1000 times better now, he turned things around last week, so he's pretty much through the adaptation stages I'd say.  Feels like I'm leaving family, kinda sucks.  O we saw the president of russia drive by the other day, that was pretty cool.  Hardest moment of the week- saying goodbye to my number 1 girl in russia, бабушка Елена.  Had my last dinner at her place last night, she was upset.  Gonna miss the people in our ward, they are all kinds of cool.  Well yeah, that's the biggest news, I'm getting exiled.  So ends the Elder Holland emails from the sketchy russian internet cafe.  It's been real.  Christmas comes up in a few weeks.  Good luck to all my friends back home dealing with finals, I've been out school for almost a year now and they still haunt me.  Enjoy the holidays friends, send me christmas cards.  Oh and I don't have a lot of time to write out letters and get them mailed, but if anyone wants to talk I'm happy to send stuff via email.  Just gotta send me something first so I know yours.  Ok Bye.  MURRY CHRISTMAS 

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