Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 34:

Greetings from pear.  I am now sitting in a ritzy library which does not at all resemble my last place of email.  Nobody is screeming at their computers because they are losing at world of war craft, it doesn't smell like cigarettes, and everybody is awake.  Nice change of pace.  Pear is great, the city is way cool.  It feels like Russia which is what I have been waiting for, people are way nicer too.   All the roads are frozen over so I've fallen down like 3 times already since I've gotten here.  As far as missionary stuff goes, president was right, this is going to be a project.  The branch consists of the 2 old guys who are the bp and 1st counselor, the 2nd counselor is an invalid, meaning he his arms are small and don't work and he has a hard time walking, two old ladies, and 2 missionaries.  They asked me to speak on sunday and I was a little scared at first but then when I got there I realized I was going to be speaking to two gmas and my comp.  No big.  Pres doesn't really like missionaries a ton and is kind of new at the whole branch president thing.  One of the babs teaches gospel doctrine and just talks about crazy weird stuff and apparently when missionaries bring new people to church she tells them they are going to hell.  Not an ideal situation, so there are going to have to be some changes made.  My new comp is a cool guy, weird living with an american though.  I have spoken more english this past week than I did in my 3 months with antropov.  Thanks for all the emails errybody, they were much appreciated, but in answering all of them I have used all my time so I can't write a lot here. So, merry christmas errybody, hope the holidays are treating you well.  I miss you all and will send more next week, hopefully one day they will lift this gypsy rule that I can't send pictures by the internet.  Stay happy everyone. 

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