Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 35:

Greetings friends.  Almost christmas now, that's pretty crazy.  Looks like I've been on the mish for almost a year now, just a couple more months.  This week was a pretty interesting one.  We had some of the higher up missionaries come out and do some work with us.  Me and this one guy went out and taught some young fellow for like an hour on the street, it was awesome, turns out he doesn't have a phone though, pretty common in russia actually.  Give him everything we could with all our numbers and stuff on it told him about everything we do and what times it's at so now just got wait and see.  Big news, got an actual investigator! Other news, he is not on parol anymore! Yeah he's a pretty interesting guy, got a crazy past. Just met him on the street and we were like, hey, we have a message about Jesus Christ, you wanna hear about it?  He was like, OH YEAH.  Last night we had a lesson with him and he told me some stories for like an hour and a half and afterwards I just wanted to go take a shower with my clothes on, cry deeply, and then call my mother and tell her I love her.  Dude has had a pretty messed up past, but we taught him about repentance and the atonement and everything and he was all over it.  Can't explain to you all how good it feels to sit down with someone who's hurting about something and explain to them that they can get rid of it.  Makes all the poo worth it.  Thats what it's all about, can't say we get those moments a ton, but enough to keep us going.  As always I'm short on time here, and this is going to be short, but in the spirit of christmas things are going to get a touch more spiritual than usual.  Christmas is a really cool time that we get to remember what's really important, especially out here in the mish field.  Doing this stuff hasn't been exactly what I expected, and even not really what I wanted, but there is one thing that I understand perfectly well from it and that is that God loves us.  I'm not the smartest guy and definitely not the most spiritual, but I do know that much.  And what's cool is that everyone can know that, just gotta go ask.  Gonna throw in the cliches now that christmas should really be about family and most importantly about Jesus Christ.  That is what we should be most excited about, it's awesome.  Better than stuff for sure. Love you all and miss you, hope you have a good christmas, mines gonna be legit.  I'll see you all later.  MURRY CHRISTMAS.

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