Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 36:

Hey everyone.  This time I literally have only 9 minutes to write this thing.  Christmas here was cool, we went out trying to find those christmas miracles, but people wouldn't talk to us. Guess nobody told them it was christmas in murrica.  Then we had english club and then we skyped home, it was AWESOME.  And really weird.  After though me and stoddard were like, dag we should do that all the time.  Only 5 or so more months til the next one though.  My family seemed pretty surprised to see that I was alive and had all my appendages intact.  Apparrently my letters are pretty dark and depressing, sorry friends don't mean to do that.  I think it's partially because I am not able to use sarcasm throughout the week in russian and it builds up and I let it all out in my letters, things are actually really good though.  I heard that the Giffords and some other parents be praying for my survival.  Thanks everybody, I really really appreciate it, honestly.  Means when missionaries hear they are not forgotten.  News for this week, makseem has a b-date.  WOO.  He is progressing a long really well and heres just a really sincere solid guy.  Right now we are working with him to try to help him quit smoking, man is a champ.  He came to church on sunday and the members love him, they were really good about welcoming him.  Hoping for good things there, love that guy.  Anywho. that's all I can think of now, hope you all had a merry christmas, and have fun on the new years.  Bye errybody, I'll be back in a week.

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