Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 37:

Hey friends,
This week will be slightly more interesting then the past few so that's good news.  This week was new years, the most celebrated holiday in russia, woo.  Me and stoddard had to be home by 6 on the 31st unfortunately, but everyone sounded like they were having a lot of fun.  Somehow every russian civillian finds a way to get their hands on profressional grade fireworks and they fire them off pretty much all week.  I was asleep when the 12 o clock festivities started and was awakened by screaming and explosions, was kind of annoying. I had heard rumors about how no people are outside here on new year's day, but I thought people were exadurating.  They weren't.  For 2 days there was absolutely noone outside, made our job a little bit difficult/impossible.  Other than that the holiday was a nice time.  Also this week I was able to head back to my land of birth for a missionary christmas shindig.  They were having a christmas party thing in moscow for only those serving in the city of moscow, but they took pity on us who are serving all by ourselves and brought us in to partake in the festivities.  Was fun times, the best part was I got to see all my buddies back in moscow.  My special russian child was there and they dressed him up as santa clause for something.  Also went by my favorite бабушка's before we left, was awesome to see her.  Now I well tell you about the wonderful modem of transportation that is the electrishka.  They are short distance trains which leave every hour out of pear and moscow which are the furthest stops between each other.  First you get to the trainstation and wait with a mob of people for the thing to pull in, then when it comes it's a fight to the death to get on first and get the small 2 person benches at the front and back, so you don't get stuck on the 2.5 personed sized benches with three people.  The benches are in the most uncomfortable shape known to man and they are hard plastic.  So basically once you get on and find your spot between what are usually giant smelly old ladies, people start coming through trying to sell you stuff, and no matter what it is the old ladies all get super impressed and buy everything. There are a lot of stops in the 3 hour ride between pear and moscow, on the way home i fell asleep and woke up to a giant dirty old lady pretty much sitting in my lap... worst case scenario. So then I sat there just watching the time crawl and after about an hour her and her old lady friend got up and I thought they were leaving, I was about to stand on my chair and sing praises when I realized they had just slipped into the corridor to smoke and then come back.  Not pleasing to me.  Anyway thats the electrishka, fun stuff.  Funny story:  at the train station some guy came up to us and asked us when a train was leaving, when we said we didn't know he got all mad. We were like, dude why are you mad, he said while pointing at our nametags, well I'm here talking to the elders of the train station and they don't even know when my train is leaving.  Heh.  Apparently Russia has train elders.  Weird.  Anyway that's all for this week, except that batman was at church yesterday, ok that's it. bye.  

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