Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 38:

This week I straight up ran out of time, like more than usual, so I'm just gonna get down to the nitty gritties.  Not a ton happened this week, we contacted a lot.  Our investigator has gone MIA so that was a bummer, he did send us one short text message though so we know he's not in prison.  Unless they let you have cell phones in prison now.  We met with a lot of members this week and two of them who usually don't come to church actually came so that was cool. A senior missionary couple came to the branch and taught a lesson.  They were teaching and old crazy lady in our branch started a battle royale, the old missionaries didn't know what to do, all they heard was a bunch of angry russian arguing and it was impossible to translate everything for them in real time.  Fun.  Cool family that lives 2 hours away came to church though, mom dad and a kid, all super nice, just hard for them to make it all the time.  Well thats all the news, no cool stories from the week, just same old same old, trying to keep the spirits up.  Oh it's really warm here, at least was this last week, it has been raining.  Pear be crazy.  See ya next week friends.

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