Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 39:

Well I was incorrect.  Pear is not warm.  The day I sent that email it got pretty chilly, and the next day it really dropped.  Yesterday was around -25 celsius which I think is around -5F or something.  Anyway, week was pretty good besides that, days are getting longer which is nice, our heating system in our appartment is out though so it is really really hard to wake up in the morning, and then while studying we have to wear blankets so it is super easy to fall asleep.  Week was pretty good, we've been trying to train up a crazy old member who lives in the branch building so he can at least help us out on lessons.  He's funny because he lives in a church building but he thinks he is the coolest person in the universe.  Keeps telling us stories about how back in the day he was a millionaire and has a bunch of followers that he spends most of his time cutting up newspapers and shaving his l he taught the ways of economics and now are the richest people in Russia.  Hard to believe him because he spends most of his time cutting up newspapers and shaving his legs in the branch building sink.  So this week we decided he was finally ready to sit on a real lesson with us... big mistake.  It was our first lesson with this one guy we met on the street and Юрий came in and just started telling him his "life story" for 45 minutes, and whenever we would try to cut in he would be like, hey be quite I'm trying to tell him my story.  Poor kid.  But the guy was a champ, after our building dweller got finished and left we were like sorry dude, you probably don't want to listen to us now huh.  And he was like, no I'm still good I've got some time.  So we had an awesome lesson, taught him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and stuff and it went really well.  At the end we told him that when we finish a lesson we usually pray and asked if he would like to say it, and he was like yeah for sure.  So he put his head down closed his eyes and me and stoddard waited for him to say something, but then after about 30 seconds we realized he didn't understand we meant outloud.  So we just sat there in uncomfortable silence for what seemed like forever trying not to laugh, and after a while he just looks up and says, amen.  I said, how was it man, he said, I don't know, this is all really new, but I like it.  WOO.  Said he would read and pray.  Hawt dawg.  Hope he's not a spy or something.  Our old investigator is still not answering us, something definitely happened and he doesn't want to talk to us.  Hope he comes around though.  Oh, transfers came around and nothing is happening to our area, so it's just gonna be me and stoddard partying in this city for another six weeks.  Fun times, fun times indeed.  Well.  That's all the news, figured out how to secretely send pictures, so maybe those will show up wherever these emails are going if my family can figure it out.  Happy Birthday to me seester.  Ok.  Thats everything. 

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