Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 40:

This week was normal.  Really nothing super eventful happened.  People around the center here are getting tired of us, and everyone we try to talk to is like "Stop trying to talk to me about ya church; you've already stopped me like ten times!"  Heh.  So me and Stoddard decided to go do some explorin.  Went out more into the boonies to see if people would want to chat and be our friends.  Kinda sorta worked.  Outside the center it's pretty unpopulated, so not a ton of people to talk to, but the people are nicer.  Talked to a lot of cool people, but noone wanted to give us their numbers so we could meet up later.  They took ours and said they would call, that means no usually though (or always).  We'll see what happens.  So yeah, me and stoddard just walking around a lot, trying to make friends.  We had one meeting with this guy who is without home right now and when we met him on the street he had the fattest black eye in the world.  He was ok, had a decent lesson.  President found out about our building dweller and told us it's illegal for us to let people sleep in the branch building so we had to get him out.  That was not a fun time, but the guy isn't homeless he just doesn't like his place so it wasn't that huge a deal.  Now our church building is way more clean which is nice.  Um.  Yes.  Kind of out of other things to write.  Sorry these letters home have lost their pazaz, I guess I'm just used to all the weird things that happen in this gypsy country.  Still pretty chilly, but they turned the heating back on in our house so now I am at least warm at night.  No other news I think, we are going to moscow tomorrow for a meeting thing which is nice.  That's about all I got.  Yup.

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