Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 48:

Hey guys, times out but this week was the birthday of David Holland, happy birthday dad, you the best.  Less importantly mine was yesterday, but you know whatever.  Thanks everybody for the birthday wishes and for remembering.  Well I'm out of time and I drank like a gallon of tea (herbal) this morning so I've gotta go take care of business.  Sorry for the shortness but I'm already over.  Bye.
Week 47:

Well, there goes a year, time to do another one.  We had a pretty good week this week, nothing super special.  We had a guy who claims to be deaf come into tver and meet with us.  We thought he was an old investigator and he came in and started yelling about how they don't have people to translate for him in the temple.  And we were like woah dude hold on a sec, are you already mormon?  He was like yeah, I done been baptized in 1999 or some junk.  He claimed to be deaf and wanted american sign language translation but he could totally hear everything we were saying, had some other kind of mental illness I think.  Anyway that was weird. After that we went to Moscow for a mission tour, which is just where the head honchos come in and talk to us all day.  The conference went from like 9 to 6, so that was long.  Plus I got to sit down with our area pres for a couple seconds.  He seems pretty nice.  Was good to see some of my old friends and stuff.  OH, I forgot to tell you guys I saw my boy antropov at transfer meeting and he's doing awesome! He is leading the district now out in Ryzhan and he loves it there. YES.  It was so awesome to see him happy, that made my month.  So yeah, then we went home, and the next day met up with this guy we met on the street.  He was a little bit of a punk but he brought his friend, so we sat down and started talkin and it became clear pretty quick that they weren't interested in church at all.  But by the end he was offering himself as backup if we ever got in a fight.  I swear for like 10 minutes he was just like, hey, anyone tries to mess with you just call me, my buddies and I will be down there in three minutes and we will straight up murder whoever is up in your business.  I'm not planning on using his services but it was a nice though.  Russians are super loyal it's awesome.  So yeah, that was about all the interesting stuff from the week.  An old man came up to me last pday and was clearly drunk and looked a little nuts and started speaking poor english.  I just looked at him weird and he was like, what you guys aren't from america?  I was like, no man, we're from germany.  So then he started speaking german and I started making german sounding noises in response (I don't know a word of german, I'll pick a different country next time).  He got confused and apologized for his poor understanding of the german language.  Heh.  Church was really good this week, we had some inactives come out and one investigator so we had in all 11 people.  УРА(hooray).  We are going to be focusing on members this next couple of weeks and see what good can come of it.  Pretty rough being a mo in russia, especially in tver, the people need some uplifting.  I'll catch you guys next week, send birthday love.  Don't do it on facebook though, I won't see it.
Week 46:

Well friends, this wednesday marks one year on my mission.  Had some good times, some sad times, some normal times.  It has gone by pretty quick, at the same time it feels like forever.  No worries though, we just have to do that all over again.  Woo.  Out of time on the computer so I'll make this pretty quick.  Transfers went through and I said farewell to elder Stoddard and got elder Cox.  Elder Cox is a quite lad, much better at living not like a slob than me, so that will probably do me some good.  Really good guy though, I'm pretty excited about the next couple of weeks here.  It is really nice to have a change of pace.  In other news I have located the colony of bed bugs.  I lifted the mattress off the thing after many rounds of pesticides didn't work and wanted to check the underside.  They are prosperous under there.  The whole edge of the thing is black with them, I'm surprised they haven't spread, they have a whole empire.  So for now I've taken the pillow top mattress thing folded it over on itself and am sleeping on that on the hardwoods, not bad, and it also proves there are no bugs in there so I get to keep it.  You guys are probably tired about hearing about these bugs, but it is just about the most interesting thing we've got going on.  Actually a lot of funny stuff probably happens, I'm just really used to it by now.  Anyway miss you all, happy bday to my bro.  You old.
Week 45:

Well, another week.  If my calculations are correct I will be flying home to murrica exactly one year from today,  it's not for sure though.  Next week I will be celebrating my one year on a mission, and by celebrating I mean talking to strangers.  Biggest news here is transfers, it appears as though elder stoddard's days in pear are numbered, he will be leaving my life on friday and I will be getting a certain elder Cox in his place.  I hear he is a shy quite young man, this will be interesting.  My life could become very very quite for the next couple of weeks/months. Other than that had a pretty normal week, zl's came out for a split which was fun, we went to moscow because elder stoddard had to fly out of russia for a day, and i stayed in a city we call zgrad.  I didn't have a whole ton of time there but it was interesting.  There are still a lot of contacts, no investigators, except one crazy guy that came to our branch yesterday screamed about politics for a while and then gave elder stoddard a wooden elephant.  That's about all I can think of for the week.  Pretty bummed that I didn't gett any wooden animals, whatever.  Happy Birthday to my brudda, you old now.  Hope you have a good one connor, enjoy it.  Alright thats all for this week, I'll be back eventually.  Later.
Week 44:

I don't want to alarm anybody, but I am pretty sure my house is haunted.  There are very creepy sounds all the time and also I got figged now by the animal kingdom.  I am sleeping on the couch again because that new beautiful bed I got has bed bugs.  They did a number on me that first night, they are relentless.  Yeah other than that evil spirits and bed bugs we are living fancy now, it is pretty nice.  Um, what else.  This week we met with a couple of beardy guys that believe some interesting stuff, they told us we had to stop eating meat because when you kill animals the water in their bodies absorbs their fear and then you eat their fear and you have bad thoughts.  Pretty interesting, I'd probably rather eat meat and be afraid though than not eat meat and be unafraid.  Had some good contacting this week, met some cool people.  One guy had a really cool experience with who was talking about his brother that comitted suicide a while back, wasn't an earth shattering experience or anything but things got real for a second.  Good week, not bad, pretty good.  They might be closing down our area though because no new missionaries are going to be able to come in because of visas and they are going to have to close down two elder areas for a while.  Um.  Yes I know more happened but I'm out of time, a lot going on back home I had to catch up on.  Anyway things are going pretty good out hear, starting to get in the mode of just being happy to be a missionary even though people don't like us.  Sometimes we get to brighten peoples' day and that's nice.  A big Happy Birthday to the woman he gave me the birth.  You da best ma, happy bday.  Later everyone stoddard is telling me we have to leave.  Bye.
Week 43:

Hey everyone. I'm out of time, thanks everyone for sending me emails that I spent all my computer time answering.  This week wasn't super eventful anyway, we went contacting a lot.  We had a zone conference in Moscow though, that was good.  Love going to Moscow and seeing other missionaries, nice being in an outer city by yourself but the downside is your only friend is your companion.  Which is ok I guess.  Lets see anything else.  O big thank you to my little brotha for the best package and letter evur.  He has a way with words that I cannot even dream of obtaining.  I hear the olympics are going pretty well, I wouldn't know.  Funny, I am so close, but so far.  Well, times up my friends, I'll fill you in a little more next week.  Oh, also we are moving, turns out the appartment that the sisters were living in before they left is way nicer than ours, nice enough to go to the trouble of moving, thats pretty nice.  No more sleeping on spring box couches! Later.
Week 42:

Good news friends, it's back to freezing.  Weather has been hanging around 0 which is pretty nice, because we have been out on the street pretty much all day every day.  Had a little bit of a week.  Had a billion lessons not show, and people weren't really into talking to us while on da streets.  Worked our pants off though, starting to get a little bit menotenous,  living the same week over and over it seems.  Trying to keep the spirits up, me and stoddard are running out of things to talk about.  He has already explained Halo, Mass Effect, and other video games to me in extreme detail.  I have already gotten through all the Eragon books, some random movies, and am on the seventh Harry Potter book.  Once Harry Potter ends I don't know what we are gonna do.  Church this week was funny, we invited people to our second church meeting, and then before it this random old weird investigator we had came in and talked to us, we had a meeting in which he explained that it is not ok to ever let books close, then continued to scold us for not having candles, and then claimed he could read minds.  Then he asked us for money.  The he left.  That one's a keeper.  So at this point it was 3:15, we were supposed to start at 3 so we were like ok noone is coming, we then took down all the stuff we set up.  After taking down everything two dudes from english club walked in at like 330, russians are usually late we should have expected that.  Anyway we decided to just watch Mountain of the Lord with them, it's a cheesy old church movie about the building of the Salt Lake City Temple.  They enjoyed it.  Me and Stoddard find it extremely entertaining because of how dramatic B Young's voice is, don't judge, it is the only entertainment we get on the mission.  Anyway, yeah week was pretty dry, just one of those ones where you gotta keep chugging along, hope it gets better even though it doesn't seem to peachy. Is it to peachy or too peachy?  I don't really remember how to spell anymore.  Oh we told a guy we were americans and he didn't believe us, then a drunk guy came up and the guy we were talking to asked him, hey, these guys say they are americans, what do you think they are.  He looked at us real carefully for around 2 minutes and then screamed AUSTRALIANS!  Then once the drunk guy left I kept talking to the one guy, asked him if he wanted to meet up sometime, he said sure.  I asked him for his number, and then he sang me a song about how I couldn't have his number and walked a way.  It was something like " No you can't know my name, no you can't have my number, but I'll give you my adress: it's the USSR".  Funny old paranoid russians, he kept accusing us of recording the conversation.  But such is life in russia running around asking strangers weird questions in a language you barely understand.  Well friends, until next week.  For valentines day you are all required to send some love to elder holland, preferably in the form of mail, or telepathy if you have psychic abilities like that one homeless guy we were teaching.  Love you people, stay happy.  
Week 41:

This week was decently normal.  Went down to Moscow on Tuesday for a zone meeting thing and then to have a meeting with pres.  It was good stuff, really exhausting day though, it was all trains metro and meetings for about 16 hours straight, fun fun.  Got some kfc in moscow though, they don't have that out here.  Meeting with pres was ok, he was just like hey guys, what's the deal with tver.  We told him what was going on and he told us we have a pass to do pretty much anything we can think of to get people coming to anything, within reason of course.  Also he wants us to hold another church meeting after our normal one so that members don't chase away the people we bring.  Not really sure how that one is gonna work.  We will see what happens though, going to be pretty exhausting running two church meetings every week.  Presidents a good guy though, pretty open to new ideas, especially when whatever we are doing isn't working.  Also that poor old guy is tired, man needs a vacation more than us.  ZLs came in for splits which was fun, nice to have more than 2 of us down here for a day. Lets see what else is new.  Oh, happiest moment of the month, Makseem is coming back!  I texted him and was like, hey dude feels like you don't want to have anything to do with us anymore but just hope you know that we are always around if you need anything at all, also hope we can still be buds.  He texted me back and said, hey I'm in petersburg, I come back at 2 in the morning on sunday, we can meet up and I'll tell you everything.  HE'S BACK.  I missed that dirty russian man.  Anywho that's about all I've got for the week, will see you all later.  Next week i will have been on my mission for 11 months. Weird.  Ok bye friends.