Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 42:

Good news friends, it's back to freezing.  Weather has been hanging around 0 which is pretty nice, because we have been out on the street pretty much all day every day.  Had a little bit of a week.  Had a billion lessons not show, and people weren't really into talking to us while on da streets.  Worked our pants off though, starting to get a little bit menotenous,  living the same week over and over it seems.  Trying to keep the spirits up, me and stoddard are running out of things to talk about.  He has already explained Halo, Mass Effect, and other video games to me in extreme detail.  I have already gotten through all the Eragon books, some random movies, and am on the seventh Harry Potter book.  Once Harry Potter ends I don't know what we are gonna do.  Church this week was funny, we invited people to our second church meeting, and then before it this random old weird investigator we had came in and talked to us, we had a meeting in which he explained that it is not ok to ever let books close, then continued to scold us for not having candles, and then claimed he could read minds.  Then he asked us for money.  The he left.  That one's a keeper.  So at this point it was 3:15, we were supposed to start at 3 so we were like ok noone is coming, we then took down all the stuff we set up.  After taking down everything two dudes from english club walked in at like 330, russians are usually late we should have expected that.  Anyway we decided to just watch Mountain of the Lord with them, it's a cheesy old church movie about the building of the Salt Lake City Temple.  They enjoyed it.  Me and Stoddard find it extremely entertaining because of how dramatic B Young's voice is, don't judge, it is the only entertainment we get on the mission.  Anyway, yeah week was pretty dry, just one of those ones where you gotta keep chugging along, hope it gets better even though it doesn't seem to peachy. Is it to peachy or too peachy?  I don't really remember how to spell anymore.  Oh we told a guy we were americans and he didn't believe us, then a drunk guy came up and the guy we were talking to asked him, hey, these guys say they are americans, what do you think they are.  He looked at us real carefully for around 2 minutes and then screamed AUSTRALIANS!  Then once the drunk guy left I kept talking to the one guy, asked him if he wanted to meet up sometime, he said sure.  I asked him for his number, and then he sang me a song about how I couldn't have his number and walked a way.  It was something like " No you can't know my name, no you can't have my number, but I'll give you my adress: it's the USSR".  Funny old paranoid russians, he kept accusing us of recording the conversation.  But such is life in russia running around asking strangers weird questions in a language you barely understand.  Well friends, until next week.  For valentines day you are all required to send some love to elder holland, preferably in the form of mail, or telepathy if you have psychic abilities like that one homeless guy we were teaching.  Love you people, stay happy.  

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