Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 43:

Hey everyone. I'm out of time, thanks everyone for sending me emails that I spent all my computer time answering.  This week wasn't super eventful anyway, we went contacting a lot.  We had a zone conference in Moscow though, that was good.  Love going to Moscow and seeing other missionaries, nice being in an outer city by yourself but the downside is your only friend is your companion.  Which is ok I guess.  Lets see anything else.  O big thank you to my little brotha for the best package and letter evur.  He has a way with words that I cannot even dream of obtaining.  I hear the olympics are going pretty well, I wouldn't know.  Funny, I am so close, but so far.  Well, times up my friends, I'll fill you in a little more next week.  Oh, also we are moving, turns out the appartment that the sisters were living in before they left is way nicer than ours, nice enough to go to the trouble of moving, thats pretty nice.  No more sleeping on spring box couches! Later.

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