Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 44:

I don't want to alarm anybody, but I am pretty sure my house is haunted.  There are very creepy sounds all the time and also I got figged now by the animal kingdom.  I am sleeping on the couch again because that new beautiful bed I got has bed bugs.  They did a number on me that first night, they are relentless.  Yeah other than that evil spirits and bed bugs we are living fancy now, it is pretty nice.  Um, what else.  This week we met with a couple of beardy guys that believe some interesting stuff, they told us we had to stop eating meat because when you kill animals the water in their bodies absorbs their fear and then you eat their fear and you have bad thoughts.  Pretty interesting, I'd probably rather eat meat and be afraid though than not eat meat and be unafraid.  Had some good contacting this week, met some cool people.  One guy had a really cool experience with who was talking about his brother that comitted suicide a while back, wasn't an earth shattering experience or anything but things got real for a second.  Good week, not bad, pretty good.  They might be closing down our area though because no new missionaries are going to be able to come in because of visas and they are going to have to close down two elder areas for a while.  Um.  Yes I know more happened but I'm out of time, a lot going on back home I had to catch up on.  Anyway things are going pretty good out hear, starting to get in the mode of just being happy to be a missionary even though people don't like us.  Sometimes we get to brighten peoples' day and that's nice.  A big Happy Birthday to the woman he gave me the birth.  You da best ma, happy bday.  Later everyone stoddard is telling me we have to leave.  Bye.

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