Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 45:

Well, another week.  If my calculations are correct I will be flying home to murrica exactly one year from today,  it's not for sure though.  Next week I will be celebrating my one year on a mission, and by celebrating I mean talking to strangers.  Biggest news here is transfers, it appears as though elder stoddard's days in pear are numbered, he will be leaving my life on friday and I will be getting a certain elder Cox in his place.  I hear he is a shy quite young man, this will be interesting.  My life could become very very quite for the next couple of weeks/months. Other than that had a pretty normal week, zl's came out for a split which was fun, we went to moscow because elder stoddard had to fly out of russia for a day, and i stayed in a city we call zgrad.  I didn't have a whole ton of time there but it was interesting.  There are still a lot of contacts, no investigators, except one crazy guy that came to our branch yesterday screamed about politics for a while and then gave elder stoddard a wooden elephant.  That's about all I can think of for the week.  Pretty bummed that I didn't gett any wooden animals, whatever.  Happy Birthday to my brudda, you old now.  Hope you have a good one connor, enjoy it.  Alright thats all for this week, I'll be back eventually.  Later.

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