Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 46:

Well friends, this wednesday marks one year on my mission.  Had some good times, some sad times, some normal times.  It has gone by pretty quick, at the same time it feels like forever.  No worries though, we just have to do that all over again.  Woo.  Out of time on the computer so I'll make this pretty quick.  Transfers went through and I said farewell to elder Stoddard and got elder Cox.  Elder Cox is a quite lad, much better at living not like a slob than me, so that will probably do me some good.  Really good guy though, I'm pretty excited about the next couple of weeks here.  It is really nice to have a change of pace.  In other news I have located the colony of bed bugs.  I lifted the mattress off the thing after many rounds of pesticides didn't work and wanted to check the underside.  They are prosperous under there.  The whole edge of the thing is black with them, I'm surprised they haven't spread, they have a whole empire.  So for now I've taken the pillow top mattress thing folded it over on itself and am sleeping on that on the hardwoods, not bad, and it also proves there are no bugs in there so I get to keep it.  You guys are probably tired about hearing about these bugs, but it is just about the most interesting thing we've got going on.  Actually a lot of funny stuff probably happens, I'm just really used to it by now.  Anyway miss you all, happy bday to my bro.  You old.

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