Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 47:

Well, there goes a year, time to do another one.  We had a pretty good week this week, nothing super special.  We had a guy who claims to be deaf come into tver and meet with us.  We thought he was an old investigator and he came in and started yelling about how they don't have people to translate for him in the temple.  And we were like woah dude hold on a sec, are you already mormon?  He was like yeah, I done been baptized in 1999 or some junk.  He claimed to be deaf and wanted american sign language translation but he could totally hear everything we were saying, had some other kind of mental illness I think.  Anyway that was weird. After that we went to Moscow for a mission tour, which is just where the head honchos come in and talk to us all day.  The conference went from like 9 to 6, so that was long.  Plus I got to sit down with our area pres for a couple seconds.  He seems pretty nice.  Was good to see some of my old friends and stuff.  OH, I forgot to tell you guys I saw my boy antropov at transfer meeting and he's doing awesome! He is leading the district now out in Ryzhan and he loves it there. YES.  It was so awesome to see him happy, that made my month.  So yeah, then we went home, and the next day met up with this guy we met on the street.  He was a little bit of a punk but he brought his friend, so we sat down and started talkin and it became clear pretty quick that they weren't interested in church at all.  But by the end he was offering himself as backup if we ever got in a fight.  I swear for like 10 minutes he was just like, hey, anyone tries to mess with you just call me, my buddies and I will be down there in three minutes and we will straight up murder whoever is up in your business.  I'm not planning on using his services but it was a nice though.  Russians are super loyal it's awesome.  So yeah, that was about all the interesting stuff from the week.  An old man came up to me last pday and was clearly drunk and looked a little nuts and started speaking poor english.  I just looked at him weird and he was like, what you guys aren't from america?  I was like, no man, we're from germany.  So then he started speaking german and I started making german sounding noises in response (I don't know a word of german, I'll pick a different country next time).  He got confused and apologized for his poor understanding of the german language.  Heh.  Church was really good this week, we had some inactives come out and one investigator so we had in all 11 people.  УРА(hooray).  We are going to be focusing on members this next couple of weeks and see what good can come of it.  Pretty rough being a mo in russia, especially in tver, the people need some uplifting.  I'll catch you guys next week, send birthday love.  Don't do it on facebook though, I won't see it.

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