Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 50:

Hey friends,
Greetings from Moscow. This week was interesting, well not really interesting per say, but ok.  So we got figged a lot this week, a lot of meetings fell through, but hey that's just missionary stuff.  One day we were contacting and a guy called me and was like, holland what up, lets meet.  I said ok cool, who is this?  He didn't tell me just told me when and where to be.  So we went on over, finally found the guy and he was like, woah hold up, you aren't Holland.  I said, yeah I am dude, read the badge.  He said no, I met some big guy named Jewkes and some other guy than you named Holland like two months ago, where's other Holland, did he die?  After 20 minutes of trying to convince him I was Holland I just told him old Holland died and they called me in to be new Holland.  He got all serious and was like, tell me, what happened to him.  I was just like o my, I'm joking you ding dong, there is no other Holland.  Anywho that was weird missionary experience of the week.  Other than that we had one sweet lesson with a  new guy and a member who happened to be in tver checking some stuff in the building when we had a meeting set up and we made him stay for it.  It was awesome, he didn't bring up the slightest bit of crazy and it was all understandable.  The guy accepted everything pretty well and seems interested, really solid believing guy, also he invited us to go take a boxing class with him.  I asked prez, got shot down.  Apparently he doesn't want missionaries fighting angry russians.  Makc is still doing pretty well, didn't get a chance to meet, he was gone for the week in order to "shoot things, fire fire fire"  as he explained it on the phone.  Danger. He came to church though, woo.  Eelya my brotha from english club has been meeting with us pretty seriously about religion too now and we are seeing some progress with him, Eelya is one of those guys that wants to believe and feels something but needs it to make sense before he can let himself.  Makes sense.  We can accomodate.  Thanks everybody for the birthday cards, they were much appreciated.  Hope all is well back home and everyone enjoyed conference, I haven't seen it yet.  Take it easy friends, send some love.

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