Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 51:

Well, transfers done come, and I'm going back from wenst I came.  Word had that I was headed to a far away land called Yaroslovl, but now I'm going to a place called Rechnoy in Moscow, not what I was expecting, but whateva.  I'll be heading out on wednesday.  Leaving Tver has been pretty tough, really made a lot of good friends out here.  One of our english clubbers said he was praying for the first time for me to not leave.  Was pretty awkward when the transfer came.  Anywho, I feel pretty neutral about heading back.  Moscow isn't my favorite place in the world but I hear the ward we've got there is super fun and solid.  We had General Conference this week, I liked it.  G Conf is like Christmas for missionaries, better in Moscow though cuz me and Elder Cox had to just watch it by ourselves.  We've got Easter coming up here this next week.  It's a pretty cool holiday in Russia, people go around to eachother on the street saying "He is resurected"  and then you answer it with "you're darn right he is". I am glad I get to be celebrating easter here, doing what I'm doing.  Every day is russian easter for us, all we do is tell people about how awesome a gift we have from Christ. It's a great job to have.  Be happy people, things are pretty good. 

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