Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 52:

Hey Everybody,
Well, I escaped Tver.  Back to my land of birth in the big city, it's actually really nice.  There are  other missionaries here and stuff, pretty weird.  Also the ward we have here is the absolute inverse of what I had.  Instead of a handful of old crazy people I have to keep track of we've got a bunch of fly mormon young people and super strong famillies.  YEAH.  That helps the hope factor and now it's awesome to take people to church, not scary.  For the first time I'm coming into an area that has a little bit going on, not that we've been able to meet with anyone yet but there are already some people here interested.  Elder Hawkes is an interesting guy, he's super solid and not at all what we like to call "trunky".  A term used to describe lazy missionaries about to head home.  We are gonna do some work in here before he dies.  Anyway the area is cool, a little more ghetto but not really.  Our appartment is ok, there are some floorboards coming up and stuff and you have to cross some train tracks to get there but other than that it is pretty luxurious.  And no bed bugs.  So yeah, things are pretty good, no stories about people yet because we have just been contacting really, been meeting some cool people  though.  Had some pretty weird stuff happen too but I don't really have time to write about that.  Ummmm.  Yeah.  Oh one of our investigators saw a girl struggling with a man attacking her so he went to save her and the man broke his hand on peter (investigator), turned out the guy was a cop and so he threw peter in jail and they held him for a day and didn't feed him.  Russia. Easter was fun times, like I said the members here are awesome.  People here are just happy and cool, not dirty and or angry.   So good.  We also get some areas outside of Moscow here that are on the way to tver, we went to one on saturday and found some kids playing basketball trying to figure out how to alle oop, and failing, we went over and talked to them and they took us over to another court where all their friends were and we played with them in our suits.  It's a good thing that russians are terrible at basketball because I suck and they still made me look good.  After blowing their minds with our skills we talked for a minute and now they want to come to english and other stuff.  That's pretty neat.  Anywho yeah, things are doing good, transfers are nice.  I miss tver but it was time.  Place can be a little rough.  Hope everybody had a good Easter.  ОН ВОСКРЕС.  You're darn right he is.  Oh also it's crazy hot here, we have to wear suits. NOO.  Later everyone. Send love.   

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