Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 53:

Hey friends.  Well I had my first full week back in the big city, and it actually went really weell, We had a lot of really cool stuff happen.  Our district this week decided we were gonna invite more people to get baptized, so we just kind of went around asking errybuddy.  Some of them were pretty ridiculous but we actually saw good stuff come out of it.  That guy who got gyped hard and went to jail when he tried to save a lady is getting ready to get baptized on the 17th, so that's pretty neat.  Also we met this one fresh 22 year old guy on the street and taught him about the law of chastity right there. Heh.  He was like guys, I felt like that my whole life, but I just couldn't take it anymore and I fell off the wagon like a month ago.  He's a pretty sincere dude and is looking to get his life going the right way.  Met some other cool people this week that I can't remember.  Had a great lesson with this one guy named Deema from some far away city I've never heard of and his lady friend.  Then a couple days later we sat down on the metro and elder hawkes realized he was sitting right next to a sleeping Deema.  We woke him up and said whats up.  I'm not calling the miracle card, but there's a lot of people in moscow and Deema doesn't live near us.  What else good been done.  Oh, yesterday we were just peacefuly talking to someone and this old crazy guy with no teeth jumps in front of us out of nowhere and screams at the top of his lungs "GO HOME YANKEES".  He was eating something so it got food all over me, I'm counting it as getting spit on.  Now people just gotta through rocks at me and I'll have missionary bingo.  Don't worry mom no one is throwing rocks at me.  People are actually pretty laid back in this area.  Oh a couple days ago we did a service project cleaning up some railroad tracks and hauling out some dead trees, that was pretty fun.  It was like an archaeological dig of drug paraphernalia.  Pretty gross.  Anywho yeah, things are going good, me and Elder Hawks are having a good time and looking to see what we can do before they kick his butt out of Russia.  Oh last cool experience, I was on splits and got on a lesson with Arsen, the swaggiest 60 year old man in the universe.  His 34 year old lady-friend who he has two kids with kicked him out and won't let him see the kids.  He's got it pretty rough right now but he's the most sincere guy in the universe.  Good people around, they are out there.  That's about all I think, hope everything is going well back home.  Congrats to my seester for graduating college, way to go dude.  Send some love people, in electronic or letter form.  Good day.   

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