Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 54:

Well I left the country again, escaped the mother land for a good like twenty minutes and then turned around and came back.   They almost locked us in a room in the airport and made us miss our flight.  Oh Riga.  That was pretty fun, well not super, but it was a change.  This week Peter fell off the grid and we freaked out, but we got in touch with him finally on like saturday and it's all good.  We don't know how serious he still is but he's alive.  We met with another guy named Roman this week and taught him about the Plan of Salvation.  He loved it and we gave him a b date for the first week of June. Yeah!  He's a solid guy, he's really funny, he read stuff on the internet after our first meeting and then texted us saying he loves Joseph Smith and Mormons.  That's not usually what comes of the internet.  Anyway we are pretty excited about that.  Nobody got their lazy buns to church though.  We also met this weird kid in ikea when we were getting 15 rouble ice cream (50 cents) and it turned out he was homeless and what he does is he hides in one of the cubboards in the display kitchen until they close the store, and then when everyone leaves he sneaks out and sleeps on the couches.  Smart homeless guy.  This week is gonna be victory day so russians have been drunk for the past 3 or so days straight and it will probably continue until saturday.  We got permission to go to all the parades and picnics and stuff on victory day though in normal clothes and junk so we are super pumped about that, it's gonna be awesome.  Just gonna chill with the members and take pictures with old mustached russian men in there army uniforms.  That's about it for this week I suppose, things are going pretty good, summer makes russians happier and they want to talk to us more.  It's funny, I know no other people who have to live in the cold like russians, but I also know no other people who hate the cold like russians. See ya guys later, send some love.  Bye

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