Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 55:

This week was a good one.  Number one, got to call home, that was a good time.  Number two, we got to go to victory day festivities which was awesome.  In the morning we went early to a parade over near the center whith this one member.  We waited for like 50 years and the parade was only like 10 minutes long.  It was cool though, they flew a bunch of airplanes over and then drove through with giant tanks and missiles and stuff.  Befor the parade though everyone was fighting to get a good spot and there were these garbage trucks parked along the road so everyone started climbing into them.  The driver got mad at them but they wouldn't leave so the police had to come kick them out like 5 times.  After the parade we went to a huge park in my old area where there was a bunch of cool stuff.  On victory day all the veterans dress up in their uniforms and wear all their badges and stuff and stroll around the park.  Then russian women, who are not ugly by the way, walk around with a ton of flowers and walk up to all the old dudes and give them flowers and kiss them all over their faces.  Not a bad day to be an old man in russia.  People we are all singing songs and dancing and stuff it was super cool.  Then we went with two other guys from the ward to a different park where there turned out to be nothing, there was an old lady reciting poems on a stage there though. The two guys we went with, one of them is getting ready to go on a mission and the other just got baptized, is like 6'8", hasn't had a haircut or shaved in probably 5 years, and is possibly the most awkward human being on the planet.  But hillarious.  Anyway after we went to this russian food restaurant, it was pretty good actually. So V day was a good time, got more of a taste of russian culture.  As far as missionary work goes this week was just ok.  We met with a member out in an outer area who opened the door in a banana hammock and said "Forgive my nakedness, come on in".  He was pretty funny, weird though.  We also had a lesson yesterday with that awkward giant's mother.  She's great, just looking for answers.  We had a member on the lesson and we talked to him after and he said "O yeah, she's totally getting baptized".  Hope so.  Well, that's pretty much it for this week.  I'll try to get some pictures to you guys somehow. Talk to you guys next week, take it easy.  

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