Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 56:

I have now been in this country one full calendar year.  Woo.  Feels all home-y now; the dirty streets, the ghetto appartments, the old drunk people.  Good stuff.  This week was our mission wide push for working with the members, we were working together to get 200 lessons with members on them.  Elder Hawkes and I went hard and called everybody in existence, we got about 4 or 5 set up but they all didn't show.  So we were up to the third hour at church sitting on a goose egg and feeling pretty lame when who should show up, none other than crazy sergei, our favorite beardy health nazzi.  I just gave Elder Hawkes a look and said, alright sergei lets go brotha.  We had a lesson, it was ok.  Pretty weird as usual.  He's a super good guy, just pretty confusing brain he has there.  Other than that we met with a really cool family, met the dad on the street and when we set up the meeting in the park we didn't know he was gonna bring his wife and 2 kids.  Fun.  The wife was super scared of us at first but after an hour they were in love with us.  Still not the most interested in church but we'll see what happens.  They are great people and they are trying to find a good environment to raise their kids in, kind of hard to come by in russia. Also we stopped by a lady who hadn't been to church for like 10 years, she let us in.  Turns out she didn't even remember being baptized, but she is super sad cuz her husband is sick to the point of lack of consciousness and she has to take care of him by herself and has nobody else.  We are gonna keep going over there and helping however we can, she's got it rough. Anywho that's about all the news for the week, nothing super crazy interesting to bring to your attention I think.  Um.  Yeah.  Oh, we have stake conference this week and Elder Bednar is coming out and he's gonna have a meeting with just the missionaries after.  Party on.  

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