Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 57:

Well my comp is about to bite the dust.  We had a good last week. Had a couple lessons with dima, a guy we lost for a long time and then finally got in touch with him.  He wants to get baptized within the year, he's just trying to figure out by who.  Good guy, really sincere.  Just doesn't show up when he says he will.  Figgy. Then we have a new investigator who is a skydive camera man.  Another really nice guy, he used to believe in God but it's been hard for him lately, has had some rough times; like everyone in Russia.  Then there is Peter who got dumped in jail for saving a damsel in distress.  Guess what... he was in jail this whole month!  I've never been so excited to find out one of my friends is in jail.  He probably just got messed up in a court case that was supposed to go easy and now he had to sit for a month.  He's almost done so we'll see how he's doing when he gets out of the big house, hope he is ok.  Better than him hating us and never wanting to talk to us again though.  Also we got a media refferal from this guy who found out about us online.  I had my first lesson with an investigator in their own home.  It was a billion times better.  He got to learn in his own comfortable atmosphere, I would way rather do that just every time.  Problem is russians are scared of us and don't want us to come over.  Transfers came and I'm getting and elder Mckibben who just finished his training and apparently has a really big desire to learn the language.  Hopefully he can kick my butt back into gear with the russian.  Hate to say it but the fire kinda died now that everyone understands me and I can pretty much say whatever I need to. It will be good to light that fire again.  Coolest event of the week was Elder Bednar coming, that was awesome.  That guy is an apostle, no doubt.  How can some American guy who knows nothing about russia walk into a room full of several hundred russian people and change their lives in about 2 hours.  He's got help from upstairs for sure.  He came and had a meeting with us too, it was awesome.  They are more fun in person.  Yup, that was my week.  Keep sending letters people, only got a couple months left here, make it so that we aren't strangers when I get home.  Later.   

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