Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 58:

I done booted Elder Hawkes out of my country.  It was weird to see people I actually know well go home.  It was a lot of the missionaries I looked up to a lot and we seem to be losing all the mission leadership that has been the same for about a year.  So basically nobody is going to know what is going on after august when the next group leaves.  This week was really good, I got my new companion Elder Mckgiben.  He's only been out for three months but he knows a ton about the language already.  He is a machine when it comes to studies, he just doesn't stop. Still has a rough time speaking conversationaly, but already knows a bunch of random junk that I don't which is pretty cool.  He is starting to light the fire under my buns again, figuratively speaking of course.  This week we got dima to come to institute where they were talking about Moroni 10 and how to find a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  So basically it was the most perfect thing that could ever happen, he loved it.  He's heading home for a week to see his family in whatever strange country he came from that I can't pronounce, but he'll be back the 10th.  We also met with our skydiver camerman and he is still awesome, except drop zones in russia are only open saturday and sunday so he can't come to church yet.  Darn you rules of Russian airtraffic. Other than that we have just been trying to get on the members' good sides, show them we aren't annoying little dingles that just want stuff from them.  That's about all the super important events of the week.  Congrats to me sister for heading through the temple, thats big stuff.  Also my to my brud who is graduating middleschool.  Why to people have to get so old all the time.  Well.  That's about all I can think of.  Hope everyone is doing well back home, love hearing from you guys, take it easy. 

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