Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 59:

Hey friends, this week was pretty good.  Started off pretty normal, nothing exciting, got a bad haircut.  Then on wednesday I got pretty sick, nothing super bad just a cough and cold kind of thing but enough to not be able to do anything.  So I got told by the mish presidents wife to stay home that day, which I thought would be kinda nice.  NOT..  So boring awful bad.  Just kinda sat around and waited for the day to end, getting sick on the mission is not cool.  After that I felt better, haven't fully shaken it yet but it was back to work.  We got to go visit that sad lady who has the sick husband, she really needs the company.  We keep telling her to let us do something for her like fix something or help her take care of her husband but she absoloutely refuses.  Then we visited our giant neanderthal looking new convert out in D-Prood.  He's doing really well, quite guy, hard to read, but really funny.  Had another lesson with the sky diving guy, he's still awesome.  Turns out his dad died last year and he got super depressed and then he let his appartment go to poo.  Since he started meeting with us he's been starting to clean things up and when he starts the remodel phase he promissed we could help out.  Also we just yesterday got a new guy who seems like the real deal. He's a genius scientist by education, but he decided he wanted to make bank so he dumped all that science junk and started winning at business things.  Moscow is a good place for that.  He's really got his head on straight and is just looking for what's right.  Other than those things just a lot of hitting the streets.  We got to see a baptism of some lady from Uzbekistan, she is awesome, but doesn't know a word of russian.  Really cool to see people join the church.  Me and Beauchemin were on splits that day (he's ap now), and after that baptism there was gonna be another one in an hour but we couldn't go because you can only go if you have someone with you who is not a member, so we walked around inviting strangers on the street.  It didn't work, it was pretty funny though.  Good news, I get to go visit Pear on wednesday. YEAH.  The zls have something to down there so I'm going with one of them for the day and we are gonna visit all the peoples out there.  That was the best news ever.  Congrats to my bro for graduating the middleschool.  Hey everybody, you should email me.  Not to sound desperate.  Ok, later friends, take it easy.

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