Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 60:

Hey everybody, good week.  I'm out of time and not a ton happened in our area so I'm just gonna tell you about my trip back to Tver.  So me and Elder Anderson got down there on tuesday night and when we stepped off my favorite modem of transportation I realized something.  Tver in winter = dark sad and cold.  Tver in summer=  crazy beautiful and fresh smelling.  It was great, especially coming from moscow breathing all that fresh air and seeing all the vegetation.  Awesome.  We went to see my russian momma to get the key to the appartment here and when she came out she busted out the door of her appartment building and snuck a hug on me.  I was like Tamara what the stuff, we can't hug, she was just like, aw who cares I'm old.  It was great seeing all the members, pretty sad though too.  That place is falling apart without missionaries, and they were all like, hey this means your coming back right Holland, and you are going to be branch pres or first counselor or something?  Pretty hard to say, no guys, just here for the day, probably not coming back.  They've got it rough as of now.  Hopefully president will open her up again soon.  Besides the members I also got to see Eelya, my brudda over there.  He was pretty peaved that we only had an hour to hang out.  He called it "a drop of water in the desert".  He's a drama queen.  Oh, also Roma another guy there is reading the Book of Mormon I gave him.  Awe yeah.  Well that's Tver.  Me and elder mckibben are still doing work out here in rechnoy, but everyone was gone this week because of some russian holiday, bumma.  Well, that's about it.  Happy fathers day all dads reading this, I just found out like an hour ago that that is happening.  My dad is still the best though, sorry other dads.  Take it easy everyone, send emails.  Later. 

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